News 21 Aug 2009

Oz MX: George continues road to recovery after Coolum crash


18 days since suffering head injuries in a heavy crash at Coolum, KRT rider Luke George is back to 80% health. Doctors anticipate that due to the positive and speedy progress that he is making, Luke should be able to return home shortly.

Luke is walking and talking again however the journey has been tough. It is highly probable that the reason the 2008 MX Champion is making such good progress since waking from a five day coma is because of his extremely high level of physical and mental fitness.

A senior doctor treating Luke has remarked that she has never seen anybody admitted with injuries to the extent of Luke’s make such a dramatic recovery in such a short period of time.

The doctor anticipates that Luke will make a 100% recovery and can eventually make a return to racing again if he so desires however he still has recovering to do and the road may be tough at times.

Luke’s father, Barry George would again like to thank everybody who has sent well wishes and support to his son. The whole family is extremely appreciative.