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Tested: 2024 Yamaha WR450F reviews the all-new 2024 Yamaha WR450F.

Largely based around its motocross counterpart that has seen success both globally and domestically here in Australia, the all-new 2024 Yamaha WR450F sees a slimmer, lighter and more powerful package introduced. MotoOnline had the opportunity to test Yamaha’s brand-new flagship enduro bike at Josh Green’s private facility in Stroud, New South Wales, for the national media launch.

The 2024 WR450F has undergone a significant transformation, boasting a sleeker, more streamlined design that enhances riders’ ability to move and control the bike. The updated body features a slimmer profile, a flatter seat, and a more compact build, allowing riders to move with greater ease and confidence. Detailed has a full technical rundown.

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Personally, I really loved the whole rider triangle feel of the bike. With only handlebar and lever position adjustments, I felt at home on this bike straight away. Another notable improvement lies in the redesigned seat, which now boasts seamlessly rounded edges for comfort during extended rides. Additionally, the revised side covers and narrower shrouds contribute to the bike’s overall feeling and agility between your legs.

Albeit it was muddy and raining heavily, we rode a mix of grass tracks, tight trails and more flowing trails. It was hard to get a true feel for the outdoor grass tracks because it was so slippery, but the trails were less affected by the rain.

The latest Yamaha WR450F’s redesigned aluminium frame delivers straight-line stability that you can really feel, as well as the ability to turn the bike with confidence. When riding, you can feel the lighter weight – it’s two kilograms lighter overall than the previous generation – and improved ability to move it around quickly and easily when riding technical trails.

Additionally, the WR450F offers a 10mm lower seat height compared to the YZ450F, resulting in a lower centre of gravity. By all accounts, this change to the WR450F is meant to significantly improve low-speed manoeuvrability on tighter trails – and as I said earlier – this bike felt exactly like that on tight and technical sections and I put that down to a combination of both the redesigned aluminium frame and 10mm lower seat height.

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Also easily accessible, the 2024 Yamaha WR450F introduces updates to its front fork, including a new hand-operated compression clicker for easy, tool-less adjustments. Engineered specifically for enduro-style riding, both the fork and shock settings are shimmed and sprung accordingly.

The suspension felt plush and perfect for the style of riding, it’s a really nice feeling coming from a predominantly motocross and supercross background of riding where suspension is valved to be a lot stiffer. In saying that, this bike felt amazing, I was really impressed considering the wet conditions – even on the supper muddy grass track.

With the Yamaha WR450F, customisation is at your fingertips thanks to the innovative Yamaha Power Tuner App. This tool harnesses the power of the GYTR Power Tuner and integrates it with iOS or Android devices, offering complete control over the tuning of the bike.

With rain coming down heavily and a long trail ride scheduled for the day, I didn’t have the chance to play around with the app, but with how much adjustability the app has, I can see it being a huge asset to either the general weekend rider or high-level enduro racer. It gives riders and racers the ability to fine-tune their bikes to suit their preferences and riding conditions. Whether you’re seeking optimal power delivery or enhanced fuel efficiency, this app puts the power in your hands.

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Onto the power, the 2024 Yamaha WR450F showcases a revamped four-stroke engine, incorporating a lighter, more compact, and higher-revving design that increases power throughout the entire RPM range. This redesign includes various upgrades, including new exhaust and intake port shapes, larger diameter titanium intake valves, a redesigned piston, cylinder, crankshaft and balancer assembly.

Riding through the trails, I really tried a lot of different ways of using the power, but third gear was the go-to for me personally. The free and light feeling of the bike on corner entry and the torque on the exit made the bike so easy to ride, which was a different feeling for me coming from a discipline where you’re constantly changing up and down gears.

The transition from wet sump to dry sump lubrication in the new WR450F stands out as a significant upgrade. This shift not only boosts engine efficiency and durability, but also offers a clear advantage in off-road racing and cross-country-style competitions where you need reliability.

Overall, I really enjoyed the 2024 Yamaha WR450F. Yamaha nailed it by bringing over all the great things from the YZ450F and tweaking them just right for enduro riding. It felt like they understood exactly what enduro riders need, which they do because the WR line has become a true staple in the Australian bush, and the result is a bike that’s truly dialled in for both general enduro riding and competition.


Engine type: 450cc liquid-cooled four-stroke, DOH, four-valve
Bore/stroke: 97.0mm x 60.8mm
Transmission: Constant-mesh five-speed
Starter: Electric
Clutch: Wet multi-plate
Front suspension: Telescopic forks, 300mm travel
Rear suspension: Swingarm (link suspension) 306mm travel
Front brake: Hydraulic single disc, 270mm
Rear brake: Hydraulic single disc, 240mm
Tyres: Dunlop Geomax EN91
Weight: 117kg (wet)
Price: $ 17,999
Availability: Available now
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