Bikes 14 Sep 2023

Detailed: 2024 Yamaha WR range

All-new WR450F headlines brand's latest enduro line-up.

Yamaha recently released its 2024 WR range, which includes an all-new WR450F that is based on the latest YZ450F motocross machine, while the WR250F remains largely unchanged and continues with the same proven features as the previous model.

In line with recent changes made to the motocross bike, the new WR450F is now slimmer, lighter, lower and more tractable than before with longer, stronger pulling power.

Significant adjustments have been made to the entire machine to produce unique WR450F characteristics. Test riders paid special attention to tuning the bike for its intended use as a fast enduro machine. This means that while the WR450F may be based on its motocross cousin, the power delivery, handling and suspension are unique to this model and developed specifically for enduro riding.

The changes made to the MY24 WR450F are aimed at reducing weight, improving handling and increasing tractability and user-friendliness for the fast enduro rider. The result is an enduro weapon that’s easy to ride fast, extremely capable in technical situations and more versatile than ever. Truly the master of all trades.

The all-new engine is shared with the current YZ450F. It features larger 39mm-diameter intake valves, a new piston, conrod, big end, revised bearings, optimised crank mass inertia and a dry sump oil tank with integrated generator cover.

Many engine components are lighter including the intake ports, piston, cylinder body, crank assembly, cam chain, con rod bearings and lubrication system, which results in an engine that’s 1.1kg lighter.

In addition, the MY24 WR450F features an ECU tuned specifically to offer improved traction at low speeds and high power at medium to fast-speeds.

The new model features the same exhaust pipe design as YZ450F – which runs a short muffler for mass centralisation resulting in improved manoeuvrability and appearance.

The drivetrain runs the new YZ450F lightweight disc spring clutch which is more compact, has a lighter feel and has a more positive engagement point. Plus, a new user-friendly cable adjustment system is specified. The wide ratio five-speed gearbox now features wider main shaft gears for reduced weight and increased strength, with ratios specifically developed for enduro racing.

The controlled fill aluminium bilateral beam frame is now 15mm lower at the head tube to allow a lower centre of gravity for supreme handling. The chassis also has a revised rigidity balance developed specifically for the WR450F.

The frame was developed with a focus on flex characteristics and the engine mounts are specially tuned for this model to allow excellent cornering, bump absorption and overall handling. A new compact fuel tank features a larger lower area and lower fuel pump location and a shorter YZ450F-type muffler further increase mass centralisation.

The new seat is flatter with the height difference front to rear reduced by 15 mm. The seat’s edges are rounded to increase the degree of freedom in riding position – allowing better movement front to rear, easier leg extension and improved seating-to-standing transition. The seat cover and cushioning are designed to wrap around the bottom portion of the seat to reduce impact to the rider’s hips and lower back.

A generous flow of clean air is now fed from the rear of the bike which allows for a slimmer body, while the overall shroud width has been made 50mm narrower and the shape of its side surfaces are smoother. This allows riders to move their legs forward more easily, contributing to the lighter and more agile handling.

New KYB suspension features tool-free compression damping adjustment on top of the forks. With a seat height 10 mm lower than the YZ450F and with a lower centre of gravity, the new WR450F runs 300mm suspension travel for precise control over varied terrain. This also assists in increasing grip on the front and traction at the rear for a more planted feel. These changes also increase the tight turning ability of the machine which increases confidence while riding singletrack.

A more open riding position features a 10mm increase in distance between the rider’s hips and feet, while the handlebars are closer to the rider to allow a more natural position.

Yamaha’s unique Power Tuner app has been upgraded to make tuning easier with a simple tuning slide bar function added. Riders can now also record and monitor suspension settings with preset themes. You can also dial in different amounts of traction control, plus there’s a lap timer function added.

Other lightweight components include the rear wheel and rear braking system. A new three-spoke pattern joins the blue anodised Excel rim to a lighter hub, and a new YZ450F-spec rear brake system sheds further weight. The rear wheel axle is wider in diameter for enhanced ride feedback.

The extensive weight-saving program continues with a lightweight Lithium-Ion battery that replaces the outgoing model’s lead acid unit. Even the throttle wires are lighter, which contributes to the MY24 WR450F tipping the scales at 117kg full of fuel which is 2kg less than the previous WR450F.

A new aluminium footpeg bracket saves 100g and the stopper’s construction has been changed to prevent mud from clogging up the pegs and from the footpegs biting into the ground on contact.

MY24 WR450F has a number of new parts aimed at making the ownership experience more enjoyable. For example, a new designed bash plate is fitted that enhances the protection of the lower frame, engine covers and coolant hoses.

There’s also a new multifunction switch on the left-hand side of the handlebars. This combines the kill switch with the dual power map button – complete with blue light indicator – that allows different power maps to be selected on the fly.

The multifunction meter display shows speed and trip distance and also features both engine and low-fuel warning lights. The MY24 WR450F also features a new rear fender with a grab area designed for ease of lifting and ducts for silencer cooling.

A new more compact handlebar pad is made of PVC and is water-resistant. In addition, the area around the fork guards is now wider to help protect the inner tubes, while strengthened fork seals reduce inner tube surface deterioration. The lip length has been increased and its excellent tracking properties inhibit dust from entering the inner tube, thus reducing the potential for oil leaks.

The new WR450F is equipped with high grip Dunlop EN91 FIM tyres and comes with an aluminium sidestand, an 18-inch rear wheel and a radiator fan for cool running when the trails turn technical.

Looking at the 2024 WR250F, it remains largely unchanged from its already popular 2023 DNA. It’s liquid-cooled, four-stroke, electric start engine features a powerplant straight from the MXGP-dominant YZ250F that produces strong mid to top-end power while retaining class-leading low-end torque.

Tuned specifically for the WR250F, the lightweight aluminium, bilateral beam frame and model-specific engine mounts have been designed with flex characteristics to improve bump absorption, traction, and cornering performance.

Settings on the industry-leading, fully adjustable KYB coil spring-type fork with enhanced speed-sensitive damping are tuned to suit the WR250F and off-road conditions. Also, the link-type rear suspension features a KYB shock with damping characteristics to match the sharp handling chassis.

Other chassis components such as the top triple clamp, handlebar mounts, and front axle complement the frame – and are also based on the winning YZ250F.

Strong braking performance is achieved with a light front brake caliper with large surface area brake pads and big front 270mm disc. A speed sensor ring sends information to the user-friendly multifunction meter that houses both engine and low fuel warning lights.

Riders can adjust their engine performance straight from their smartphone using the onboard wireless connectivity through the free-of-charge Yamaha Power Tuner app. Once settings are dialled in, you can choose between two user-defined ECU maps on the fly via the handlebar-mounted dual-mode engine map switch.

When combined with a lightweight, sharp-handling chassis and industry-leading suspension package, the 2024 WR250F offers the perfect partner to the all-new WR450F. And delivers fun when the going gets tight and technical.

Complemented by MY24 Team Yamaha Blue colours and graphics, the WR250F reflects Yamaha’s race-winning pedigree. The new model is fitted with a full-power ECU and comes with ADR compliance so can be fully road registered in all states. A free Off-Road Competition Kit is also offered for owners who wish to set up their WR250F to ride on closed courses.

The all-new 2024 WR range will be available from January 2024, with prices being $17,999 inc GST for the WR450F and $15,899 inc GST  for the WR250F. Visit for more information.