News 12 Dec 2022

Full-time ProMX campaign ruled out by Rykers for 2023

Part-time MX1 schedule and supercross not off the cards for WA rider.

Image: Foremost Media.

Western Australia’s Jayden Rykers has ruled out the possibility of competing in the complete 2023 Penrite ProMX Championship, with a part-time MX1 schedule and Australian Supercross campaign not off the cards.

Rykers has been a staple in Empire Kawasaki’s MX1 line-up for the last two seasons, however, with the squad set to solely focus on the 250 class next year it effectively rules the number six out of a factory-supported ride – at least full-time – in ProMX.

“In terms of national motocross, it’s a no, I’m not going to do the full series,” Rykers told MotoOnline. “The decision behind that is, I think I would fall back into more of a privateer effort with some manufacturer support.

“Also just a little bit of a crossroad with time, I’ve got two kids of my own, a family and a business to run alongside multiple products we distribute in WA which all adds up. It really didn’t leave me with a great deal of time to train correctly to perform at a national level. At some points during the season I was rocking up to races… I rocked up to Coffs Harbour, where funnily enough I got my best result, having not ridden in two weeks and on a motor package I had never tried and in these times that’s not a recipe for success.

“To rock up at a national level without riding for two weeks is dangerous. Then again, to be a competitor, I’m not really wanting to fight for fifths and sixths, I want to win, and unless I can put the time into that, it’s just silly for me to try and continue to hold onto something for too long. Especially from WA, it’s a four-day turnaround on each event – double the time.”

Rykers’ best points haul of the 2022 season indeed came at round six, notching a 7-6 scorecard for sixth overall in Coffs Harbour. Unfortunately, a back injury sustained in round six of the Western Australian Motocross Championship (WAMX) ruled him out of the final ProMX races and this year’s Australian Supercross Championship (AUSX) altogether.

Despite the challenging end to season 2022, Rykers is still motivated to compete and confirmed he would not turn down the opportunity to compete in select ProMX rounds, with AUSX entry options also being considered.

“It’s not like I have lost the passion for it and I’m not burnt out,” he added. “I’m just at a crossroad at what makes sense. I want to do things correctly, not half-arse them. I’m still going to be racing locally and staying fit and healthy.

“If something comes up that is a good position and a good bike to go and do a few selected rounds, then I will absolutely turn up. I’ll work on the supercross thing because I think it has some more potential than what the motocross has to offer, so it’s a yes. I will be open to competing in a few national rounds and also supercross is not off the cards.”