News 1 Nov 2022

'Rushed' AUSX outing leaves West determined to improve

Returning international P12 in Adelaide Serco Yamaha debut.

Image: Foremost Media.

Minimal preparation ahead of a ‘rushed’ first Australian Supercross Championship (AUSX) outing with Serco Yamaha at Adelaide Showground has returning international Brad West determined for a better result.

West, 18, lined up in multiple SX Futures races alongside the Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship in the US this year and impressed onboard a YZ250F at Anaheim 2 and Glendale with fourth and fifth-place finishes.

Unfortunately, the Australian crashed in the whoops at Salt Lake City’s finals, which resulted in a concussion and time off the bike across the following weeks. West was then struck down with further health issues, forcing him to take near four months off the bike.

Having just arrived back in Australia, West received a call from Serco Yamaha to fill-in for Bailey Malkiewicz, the Queensland-based rider injured during the first round of this year’s AUSX championship at Marvel Stadium.

“I was definitely thrown in the deep end a bit… It was a bit of a sink or swim moment,” West told MotoOnline. “I was given a call and I only had just got back from the US, so didn’t really have many days on the bike. I basically had two days on it, but it was a learning experience and it’s been great.”

West ultimately finished the SX2 final at round two in 12th position, suffering from an early fall after charging his way forward on the opening lap. That set him back and he’s already eyeing an improved result in Newcastle later this month.

“I didn’t actually get off to a great start – I was probably mid-pack or towards the pack and I pushed my way through,” he continued. “I think I made it to fourth, then [Max] Anstie passed me and I tried to kind of latch on to him and take some different creative lines that he had.

“Unfortunately, I tucked the front. Then it was kind of hard to get back in the grove, I was trying to be aggressive but also trying to be safe, it was a bit sketchy at the back of the pack. It was a great experience, I definitely had the speed and the aggression and I was showing I wanted to race, so really bummed with my result with that.

“I didn’t really expect a whole lot, it was pretty rushed trying to get to the round. I’ll take that, improve on everything really and bring that to round three. I just want to show everyone what I’ve got and what I train for, I definitely can get a better result. It was kind of a rush, but from here, no excuses, going straight for it.”

The third round of the 2022 AUSX championship takes place at Newcastle on 26 November, before the series moves to Wagga Wagga a week later for its finals. It is understood the West intends to return to the US and compete once more in SX Futures for 2023.