News 25 Oct 2022

Crushing AUSX opener sees Yamaha SX2 riders sidelined

Serco's Malkiewicz and WBR rider Tierney both injured in Melbourne.

Image: Foremost Media.

Two of Yamaha’s official SX2 riders, Bailey Malkiewicz and Connor Tierney, were left sidelined at the opening round of the 2022 Australian Supercross Championship (AUSX) in what was a crushing outcome for the pair.

Serco Yamaha released an update on Malkiewicz that confirmed he’s undergone surgery on a dislocated ankle and multiple fractures sustained while running fourth in the final. It’s unclear when he will return.

“I’m okay, but just disappointed,” the 21-year-old said. “I had put in so much work and was as ready as I have ever been for a championship only for this to happen, so it’s a bit hard to take at the moment. I honestly felt I had the speed to match it with anyone and at the very worst, finish on the podium tonight but it wasn’t to be.

“The team had put in a huge effort and were we confident coming into the weekend, but anything can happen and this sport can bring you down to earth pretty fast sometimes. Apart from the ankle, I’m okay and will try and get back on the track as fast as I can.”

As for Tierney, he fell in qualifying on debut with the WBR Yamaha team and dislocated his hip before the season even properly commenced. It’s a cruel outcome after securing an AUSX-only deal with the team.

“It’s a hard pill to swallow, but I guess some things just aren’t meant to be,” he reflected. “A crash in qualifying ended my night with a nasty dislocated hip. It was out for a few hours and it’s safe to say it was the worst pain I’ve ever felt.

“I was so glad to be in he hands of Racesafe throughout the whole situation – those guys are an incredible team and the whole racing industry is lucky to have them. A huge thank you and a sorry to everyone that has supported and helped me get out there over the last year.

“It feels like rock-bottom and I’m honestly not sure what’s in store for me next. It’s new and scary, but I’m so grateful to my have my partner, family, friends and sponsors who have had my back no matter what throughout these testing times… I don’t know what I’d do without you all.”

The injuries of Malkiewicz and Tierney come in addition to those of CDR Yamaha Monster Energy team contender Luke Clout, the SX1 title prospect who sustained a broken thumb in the main event and has also been ruled out of at least Adelaide this Saturday.