News 11 Aug 2022

450 shakedown complete by Todd ahead of QLD swing

MX2 leader to compete in both classes at QMP this weekend.

Image: Jack Williamson

A shakedown on the CRF450R has been completed by Honda Racing’s Wilson Todd ahead of his step to the premier class from this weekend’s round seven of 2022 Penrite ProMX at QMP.

The Queenslander is set for a busy day on Sunday where he will also compete in MX2, needing to score just two points to claim a third Australian title in the category.

If second-placed Rhys Budd doesn’t win race one, Todd will be crowned champion regardless of where he finishes. The number 20 has enjoyed a dominant season onboard the CRF250R, winning all but one of the motos contested to date. When it comes to the 450, however, he has spent minimal time on the platform.

“I just basically threw my 250 suspension in it with some harder springs and went from there,” Todd explained to “My tongue might fall out a bit but I think it will be a bit of fun to experience some different racing and just enjoy myself a little bit.”

“There’s not much expectation, I’ve ridden a 450 like three times now, it’s not like I have trained for it. Definitely, going to be tough, going to have to build up some fitness and muscle in the next couple of days, that is for sure. I think I can ride it fast, spin some fast laps in qualifying and I’ll try to put it up front off the start and go as long as I can. Don’t expect too much, it’s mainly just to try and have some fun and mix it up.

Looking at the schedule for round seven, if all goes to plan Todd will be able to secure the MX2 crown in moto one before the Top 10 Shootout takes place for MX1. Notably, the two-race format with Olympic-style scoring returns for moto two in the premier class, which means Todd could be competing in up to five races across the day.

“I think it’s going to be tough at QMP, I’ll be out on the track a few times by the sound of it and just try and reserve a bit of energy,” Todd continued. “I would like to push myself on the 450 and reserve a bit of energy and try and get this 250 done.”

Honda Racing team owner Yarrive Konsky added: “Wilson has done a tremendous job on the 250 and he is entered for both classes at QMP. It was his choice to compete in the 450 class and we support him. He wants to be challenged; he could wrap up the 250 championship in moto one.”

It is understood that Todd will compete on a 2022 CRF450R in the premier class alongside teammates Dean Ferris and Kyle Webster, and will focus exclusively on MX1 once the MX2 title is wrapped up. Todd is already confirmed to compete on a CRF250R in the World Supercross Championship (WSX) for Konsky’s Honda Genuine Honda Racing team later in the year.