News 24 Feb 2020

Mosig handed down six-year sanction for anti-doping violations

Former MX Nationals contender accepts the penalty back-dated to 2018.

Image: Foremost Media.

Kade Mosig has been handed down a six-year sanction for violating Motorcycling Australia’s anti-doping policy, the former MX Nationals contender accepting the penalty that has been back-dated to the Australian Sports Anti-doping Authority (ASADA) test undertaken in May 2018.

Mosig was provisionally suspended in July 2018 ahead of the Raymond Terrace MX Nationals round, however, no further details from Mosig or MA had surfaced until today.

MA has now confirmed that Mosig made 19 violations under the anti-doping policy, testing positive to the prohibited substances exogenous 19-norandrosterone, 19-noretiocholanolone and D-amphetamine following a doping control test conducted by the Australian Sports Anti-doping Authority (ASADA) on 27 May 2018 in Murray Bridge, South Australia.

Mosig is ineligible to participate as an athlete or support person including coaching and officiating until he has completed his six-year sanction. The ban includes using member facilities. In addition to the six-year sanction, all competitive results for Mosig from 9 December 2013 onwards will be removed from records.

“I accept the sanction imposed on me understanding I have made some poor decisions in the past,” Mosig said in a statement. “I want to apologise to my family, friends, competitors, supporters and my sponsors. Regrettably, I will be moving on from racing professionally and will be making no further comment on this matter.”

According to the announcement from MA, Mosig will be eligible to recommence participation in the sport from 10 July 2024. Additional details are available via the ASADA website at