News 24 Oct 2017

Monster Energy Supercross revamped for 2018 season

Unique format introduced for selected rounds amongst multiple changes.

Source: Supplied.

The Monster Energy AMA Supercross series, an FIM World Championship, will undergo an overhaul for the 2018 season following multiple changes announced overnight.

The changes include a revised points system, the addition of three Triple Crown Monster Energy Cup-style events, two 250SX East/West Showdowns, four Supercross Amateur racing events and the elimination of semi races in qualifying for the main event.

For the first time in over two decades, the 2018 season will debut an all-new points system to evenly allocate points over all 22 finishing positions. While the gap between first, second and third has not changed, the new points system will ensure that the race to the championship will be much more competitive throughout the season as the reward is greater for a better finish.

The elimination of semi races will add further pressure to qualify as the world’s most elite endurance athletes will have just two chances to ensure a spot in the main through one of two heat races or a last chance qualifier (LCQ).

The most anticipated change in 2018 will be the introduction of the Monster Energy Supercross Triple Crown, a three-city showdown hosted at Angel Stadium in Anaheim on 20 January, Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta on 3 March and US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis on 14 April, where both the 250SX and 450SX Classes will compete in three main events.

Qualifying races will deduce the field to the top 22 riders in each class, and the 250SX Class will compete in six, 10 and 12-minute main events, while the 450SX Class will compete in eight, 12 and 15-minute main events.

An Olympic-style scoring method will be used to determine an overall winner in each class from all three mains where the lowest combined score at the end will be awarded the overall win.

Additionally, two 250SX East/West Showdowns will double the excitement in Indianapolis and Las Vegas this season as fans will have the opportunity to see 20 of the fastest riders from each coast battling each other for victory. The main will be the first and only time throughout the night where all of the 250SX Class stars will line up on the gate for a 15-minute plus one lap affair, where the winner takes all.

Another dramatic change to the 2018 season includes the addition of four Supercross Amateur racing events at Angel Stadium in Anaheim on 20 January, University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale on 27 January , Raymond James Stadium in Tampa on 24 February and Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta on 3 March, which will give amateur athletes in 27 classes their only chance to compete in the same venue on the same weekend as all of the stars of supercross.

The opening round of the Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship is scheduled for 6 January and will span over 17 rounds right through to May. For the official 2018 calendar, click here.