News 16 Sep 2016

Konsky defends all-American supercross roster

Honda team owner explains decision to sign US riders.

Image: Jeremy Hammer (Foremost Media).

Image: Jeremy Hammer (Foremost Media).

Honda Genuine Racing team owner Yarrive Konsky has outlined his decision to field an all-American roster for the 2016 Australian Supercross Championship.

It was finalised last week that Justin Brayton (SX1), Adam Enticknap (SX1), Jimmy Decotis (SX2) and Gavin Faith (SX2/Penrite Honda) would complete the four-rider squad, while Australian Josh Cachia (SX2) will receive support in what is understood to be satellite deal.

Konsky received backlash across social media for his decision to sign the international riders over local Australian’s, however the team owner explained that he initially reviewed our local talent, which included the likes of Monea, Mellross, Clout, Richardson and Potter to name a few, although due to their unavailability for a variety of reasons, he was forced to seek alternative options.

“I was in a postion where I was accountable to all of our sponsors to produce results and I needed to make a professional decision based on that,” Konsky told “I reviewed everyone who was available to me locally and internationally that was Australian, and unfortunately some were not able to sign contracts due to their current contractual obligations. So I reviewed where we sat and looked outside the box.”

“We need to pick the right riders to compete at the highest level. I also have a simple philosophy as an ex-pro racer who was in the top 10 on occasions, and it’s that the best rider deserves the opportunity to compete, not because of his race or religion,” he continued. “At the timing in which we made the decision to pick the riders that we chose, it’s what we felt were the best riders and best profile that we could present to our sponsors to endeavour to go racing.”

With the addition of the US riders, Konsky believes they will increase the exposure of Australian supercross on an international level.

“I would like to think that it will bring a great element of exposure to our sport, because digitally, we are now instantaneous globally – whatever is happing here, will be seen around the world.”

The Victorian-based operation has previously signed US riders for the Supercross championship, with current team members Gavin Faith and Jimmy Decotis racking up three of the past four Australian SX2 titles between them.

Konsky has also extended his help to a plethora of Australia’s current elite riders at some point in their career, with athletes such Todd Waters, Dean Ferris, Hayden Mellross, Luke Clout, Tye Simmonds and Matthew Phillips all receiving support in their earlier years.

“Some people are out there to judge the one year when there is literally no Australian talent at the top end available, and that’s why I’ve made this decision. I don’t mean that forcefully, but if people look back at the past 14 years of what I’ve endeavoured to give out in support – it’s massive. People are quick to judge, and they’re really quick to forget,” he added.

The Australian Supercross Championship will commence this Saturday, 17 September, at Jimboomba in Queensland.