Features 10 Jan 2013

Rewind: Chad Reed A1 2011

Step back in time to see @CRtwotwo’s interview following his debut with TwoTwo Motorsports.

Another new feature for 2013 right here on MotoOnline.com.au is Rewind, a look back through our archives at various stories that made headlines back in the day and still to this day make for interesting reading. That’s what’s so cool about online content, right?

To kick things off, we’ve selected this ‘Post Race with Chad Reed’ interview following his Anaheim 1 performance in 2011. What was special about that race and this particular interview? It was the day following his debut with TwoTwo Motorsports as team owner/rider.

Stories like this are the type that our sport’s based on, unforgettable in history and A1 two years ago was an evening where Reed turned a new leaf for good. Since then, he’s gained factory Honda support through equipment, has a well established brand in TwoTwo Motorsports and wears what is widely recognised as the trickest signature Shift gear in the business.

In 2011 Chad finished fifth at Anaheim 1, promising, but he knew there was a lot of work to do if he were to challenge for the title. In typical Reed fashion, he soldiered on with a never say die attitude and only barely lost the title to Villopoto by four points – spectacular as he and TwoTwo took on the factories for the first time!

Some have reduced Reed’s chances at the 2013 title following his fourth place finish at A1 last weekend, but judging by two years ago, he’s on the right track already. Click here to take a step back in time and see what he had to say about TwoTwo’s debut.

Chad Reed launched TwoTwo Motorsports in the lead-up to Anaheim 1 in 2011.

Chad Reed launched TwoTwo Motorsports in the lead-up to Anaheim 1 in 2011.