News 23 Jun 2024

Penalties formally applied following Maitland MX2 saga

Connolly, Ferguson, Larwood, Cosford, and Taylor docked five places.

Image: Foremost Media.

A series of penalties from the final MX2 moto at Maitland have formally been applied by Penrite ProMX race direction, almost a full month on from the saga following round four. It’s resulted in a tightened title race in the category entering Murray Bridge.

Runaway leader Brodie Connolly (Polyflor Honda Racing) was one of five riders to be docked five positions post-race, alleged to have jumped under the medical flag during moto three of the weekend.

Connolly’s Honda Racing teammates Noah Ferguson and Alex Larwood were also penalised – which led to protest from the factory organisation until a decision was finally handed down yesterday – in addition to Jayce Cosford (Yamalube Yamaha Racing), and Reid Taylor (Empire Kawasaki).

In the round won by Yamalube Yamaha Racing’s Ryder Kingsford, the penalties applied elevated Haruki Yokoyama (Honda) to second overall at Maitland, and in turn demoted Ferguson to third and Larwood fourth overall. Connolly, meanwhile, dropped from seventh to 12th overall.

Connolly still holds the red plate in the class, with Kingsford climbing to second and now within 12 points, while Ferguson is another single point back in third position as the 2024 season enters its second half today in South Australia.