Features 8 May 2024

Quotebook: 2024 ProMX Rd3 Gillman

Assorted racer comments following the third round of the season.

Gillman on the weekend marked round three of the 2024 Penrite ProMX Championship and it was an exciting weekend of racing that saw the MX1 red plate switch hands once again. We’ve compiled the direct takes from riders in this Quotebook feature.


Image: Foremost Media.

Jed Beaton (CDR Yamaha Monster Energy Team) – Second overall:
Just frustration is my only emotion right now. I had everything I needed to win today as my bike was awesome, my speed was good all day and I just made a mistake that cost me the round victory and in the same situation as what happened at round one. Thanks to the CDR Yamaha team for their hard work, I just need to deliver on the weekends, so it’s back to work this week and make sure it doesn’t happen again at Maitland

Dean Ferris (CDR Yamaha Monster Energy Team) – Fourth overall:
I guess there are two ways to look at it. I come to every race to win it and I couldn’t do that, so that’s not good. But on the positive side, I rode much better than last year here and that was a good step to take. I had some vision issues as I was just taking roost all moto in race two, but my pace wasn’t quite there in that one either. But the team put in a lot of hard work between the rounds and I think we are definitely making gains, so I look forward to Maitland and a track where I had a lot of success last year and really got on a roll.

Kyle Webster (Boost Mobile Honda Racing) – First overall:
It’s nice to have the red plate back, obviously. And another good weekend, happy with that after Horsham. I think Horsham wasn’t terrible, but definitely good today. But yeah, the track was gnarly. But the track crew did a good job of flattening things and try and keep it a bit more racy, which was good. Obviously, our second race, Jed [Beaton], had a good push there in the middle and got around me, but made a bit of a mistake. So it was good to capitalise on that, I suppose, and get the win.

Nathan Crawford (KTM Racing Team) – Sixth overall:
It was a very bittersweet day for me. I was fourth in practice and third in qualifying, but just felt a little bit off all day. I rode average in the first moto for the first 15 minutes, then put my head down to charge to fourth. We made some changes for the second moto and I was in third towards the end, but with three quarters of a lap to go we had an issue and I had to roll around to the finish. It’s just super disappointing to almost get on the podium like that, but I’m happy to leave with some points and it’s not all bad.

Kirk Gibbs (GasGas Racing Team) – Fifth overall:
Today wasn’t too bad! In the first moto I struggled a bit, rode a bit tight and dropped back in the end, but in the second moto I was a lot more comfortable and we took a lot of positives. I need to get away with those front guys early and we should be right there in the mix.

Todd Waters (Raceline Husqvarna Racing Team) – Third overall:
What a day it’s been! Qualifying was good in P5 and I’m so hungry at the moment, trying to turn this ship around, but I cooked it in Superpole with P9. I didn’t have the best start in the first one, but I fought through to fifth and made some good passes. The second moto, I had a good start in P2, and overall we made some really good progress this weekend. The team has been working hard to find what works for me and it is always a good weekend to land on the box.


Image: Foremost Media.

Brodie Connolly (Polyflor Honda Racing) – First overall:
Yeah, obviously, yeah, a perfect day. First in qualifying, which I was stoked with. My first one this year. Put a lot of focus on that this morning and yeah, tidied that up, executed that well. And then yeah, two good starts and two moto wins. So yeah, I’m pretty stoked. Not as good start in the second one. I was second, Kayden [Minear] got the start on me, but made a quick pass and put a good charge in that one. I was real happy with the second moto. It was a lot better than the first one I feel.

Jayce Cosford (Yamalube Yamaha Racing) – Sixth overall:
The plan today was to get through it the best I can and without any dramas so I was able to do that. The three weeks off the bike didn’t really affect me, it was just ensuring I stayed focused, and my eye could keep up with what was going on. The doctors say everything is fine now and I will be back to 100 percent in the coming week, so it was good to get through Gillman without incident and now I can get back into my regular riding and training for the Maitland round.

Ryder Kingsford (Yamalube Yamaha Racing) – Fourth overall:
The first race was terrible and not how I ride. I didn’t actually feel that bad, but I just seemed to ride at the one speed all moto and even through there was a group of riders just ahead of me, I couldn’t do anything to catch and pass them. I needed to rebound in the next race and it was good to finish third and finish the day on a positive note. I locked bars off the start with another rider and was buried early but I worked hard early to try and get as many as I could, then once the race settled, pick them off one at a time. My focus now needs to be putting a solid day together and doing the job completely, so that’s the goal for the rest of the championship.

Kaleb Barham (Yamalube Yamaha Racing) – Ninth overall:
Moto one wasn’t much fun and not worth talking about, but moto two was good, although, I wished I had of been able to hang onto third in the closing laps. I don’t think it was a fitness, thing as I wasn’t tired, they just had a little more speed than me at that stage of the race and I tried to fight them all off, but just couldn’t stay ahead. At each round, my race two has been pretty good so it’s the first moto of the morning that has been my issue. My first motos have gone 8-10-16 while my last motos have been 6-5-6, so I just need to get up to speed earlier in the day and give myself the best shot at a podium as possible.

Kayden Minear (KTM Racing Team) – Second overall:
It was a very good day for me in second overall. I felt good in qualifying and also in the first moto, but had an unfortunate tip-over late in the race and that cost me some spots on my way to fourth. Second race, the start was a holeshot and always great, then I found my flow and brought it home for second, which was P2 overall. I’m really happy to get my first podium of the year and hopefully there are more to come!

Byron Dennis (GasGas Racing Team) – Eighth overall:
It was a bit of an average day for me at Gillman. I just didn’t have the intensity in the first race and had a bit of bad luck in the second one, but my speed is definitely there. I’m going to put my head down from here and keep on working.

Rhys Budd (Raceline Husqvarna Racing Team) – 13th overall:
It was a very tough day for me. I tried to make the best of a hard weekend and I was in a half-decent position before getting taken down in the last moto, but we just have to focus forward and come back stronger for Maitland.

Jack Mather (Raceline Husqvarna Racing) – 19th overall:
Gillman just wasn’t our day today. I had a few crashes and made myself work for it, coming from the back of the pack in each moto. My riding was good, I just need to be battling at the front and not in the mid-pack.