News 16 Dec 2023

Stark Varg cleared to enter MX1 in Australian ProMX championship

Strict criteria extends to both 450 and 250 classes at a club level.

Image: Supplied.

Stark Future has received clearance to enter its Varg at the highest level of competition in Australian motocross, eligible to contest the MX1 category of the Penrite ProMX Championship from 2024.

Following a series of tests conducted between Motorcycling Australia (MA) and the innovative electric-powered motocross brand, led in Australia by Jeff Leisk and Mike Sleeter, a solution has been met.

A strict criteria will be enforced by MA technical officials at events, utilising ‘Race Mode’ technology that will effectively see the Varg’s power locked – set at a maximum output of 60hp/45kW when competing within the 450 class and with the capability of further monitoring.

Power Management Data that is accessible through the Stark App will assist in determining the maximum output used post-race, listed in line with the corresponding race – or session – completed.

While being restricted to MX1 in national and state events, Stark Future’s options will be even broader at a club/open level, able to race alongside either MX1 or MX2. When among the 250 class, the Varg’s maximum output will be limited to 48hp/36kW.

“Electric machines including the Stark Varg may compete in MX1 or equivalent class only as per the Electric Motorcycle Approval List,” a statement from the sport’s governing body confirmed.

“The Stark Varg must have the power locked by a technical official or scrutineer to the appropriate setting listed prior to taking part in any competition. Normal race distance, duration or times should not be altered to accommodate electric machines.

“Eligibility or regulations focused on electric machines can be changed at any time to ensure fair and even competition. The use of lower power settings than those listed is permitted. Electric machines can compete in standalone classes if numbers permit.”

It hasn’t been announced what level of officially-supported involvement Stark Future intends to compete at locally, if at all, for next season, with the ProMX championship set to open at Wonthaggi, Victoria, on 17 March.

The Stark Varg’s approval additionally extends to enduro, supermoto and dirt track using the same processes, with the additional allowance of using the maximum 80hp/60kw power output in an E3 or open class equivalent.