Features 29 Nov 2023

Quotebook: 2023 AUSX Rd3 Melbourne

Assorted racer comments following the third round of the season.

In Quotebook, a selection of riders detail how their races played out in the third round of the 2023 Fox Australian Supercross Championship (AUSX) at Marvel Stadium.


Image: Foremost Media.

Luke Clout (CDR Yamaha Monster Energy) – First: 
It’s been a tough season in a lot of ways for me, but I felt things were building in the last couple of weeks and I was determined to finish the season strongly. I gelled with the track quickly and each session I was able to go faster and knew that if I could just get a start, I would be in with a chance to win. My start was good, I hit the front and just rode my own race. I didn’t look behind, I just raced the track and it felt like a really long race. I remember seeing the halfway board and thinking it was a mistake and it should have been the final lap. But I kept on charging until my pit board told me I had a good gap and just a few laps left to go, so I backed it down a little. It was the best way to finish the season and awesome to win in a venue like this. The CDR Yamaha team haven’t stopped working and to finally give them a win was what they deserved. Thank you everyone on the team and sponsors for the support.

Josh Hill (CDR Yamaha Monster Energy) – Fourth: 
I love my time in Australia and working with the CDR Yamaha team. Everyone here looks after me so well and the team are super supportive so it’s my pleasure to race this championship and with the CDR Yamaha team. The final was probably the best I have raced this series, although it wasn’t my best result. I latched onto Brayton and followed him the whole race. I never got close enough to make a pass, but I didn’t want to just let them go, so I’m happy with that ride. Congratulations to Luke, he rode awesome tonight and deserved the race win. He just pinched me in the championship points, but I can’t be too disappointed, I raced well, gave it everything I had and go home with a third place in the Australian Supercross Championship. I’m here for another week, filming some things, before I go back to the US, but I can’t thank everyone enough for the past month. My partner Molly and I, had an awesome time and anytime that someone will have us, we would love to come back.

Kyle Webster (Boost Mobile Honda Racing) – Seventh: 
I’m at a loss for words, I felt great today, especially after taking second in my heat race. Ending the championship with more crashes in the final is not how I envisioned it. It’s time for me to regroup and shift my focus to the motocross championship.

Dean Wilson (Froth Honda Racing) – Second (champion) :
I really needed this, and the team deserved it. Everyone has put in so much hard work. I’ve had an incredible time in Australia, and I hope to be back here next year, reliving it all. Thanks to Honda Australia and everyone involved. Winning again feels fantastic.

Justin Brayton (Boost Mobile Honda Racing) – Third: 
This wasn’t my year. I’ve had an incredible run, winning five championships in a row. I made it to the podium in every race this year except the one where I had a collision with another rider. My passion for racing is still strong, so we’ll see what the future holds. Congratulations to Dean on the championship, and kudos to Honda for securing their sixth straight championship.

Dylan Wills (Boom Racing Fox Husqvarna) – Fifth: 
It was a weekend to remember, that’s for sure. I was really happy with my pace on Friday and it was rewarding to finish the SX1 championship in sixth overall, even though I missed the first round with injury. Racing the World Supercross Championship against the best riders in the world was an amazing experience – I learnt a lot and the whole weekend is something I won’t forget anytime soon.


Image: Foremost Media.


Noah Ferguson (GasGas Racing Team) – Eighth:
This Australian Supercross season was full of highs and lows for me, starting Adelaide off average, and then picking up momentum in Newcastle. I felt good there, and had a couple strong results in the first two Mains before a hard fall in the last one really set me back. Lined up here tonight in Melbourne, and I’m proud of my performance to take eighth after entering the round not 100 percent healthy. We’ll take it, and a big thank you to the entire team for all of their work this year.

Nathan Crawford (KTM Racing Team) – Fourth:
Final round of Australian Supercross is done, and look, man, this whole day for me has been a real, real struggle, to be honest. I got sick out of nowhere this week with absolutely no warning, and today has been nothing but a stressful grind – my ears are completely blocked, which threw my balance off. I managed to ride well in a few of the sessions, which gave me confidence for the rest of the night, and then got off to a good start in the Main Event. I knew that Cole [Thompson] and [Robbie] Wageman were the guys I needed to keep close, and I was split between them. So, knowing that I just needed to finish close to them, I managed my race from there to ensure the P2 result for the championship. I put a lot of pressure on myself for this result for the team because they deserve it, so running off next to no sleep just made things tough and I actually broke down at the end of the race. We finished one better this year in the championship than last which is awesome, and now we’ll take some time off before looking towards next year. WSX was also a really good opportunity for me and, again, I felt like we were strong in terms of speed, but it just didn’t come together in the end.

Cole Thompson (Serco Yamaha) – Third:
It’s always good to land on the podium and I was determined to make that happen as I had narrowly missed it at the first couple of rounds. My starts were much better this weekend and the track more to my liking.In the main event, I had Wilson in my sights the entire race, trying to pressure him into a mistake as our pace was so similar but to his credit, he didn’t make one and I wasn’t able to make a pass. It was an emotional night for the team and I really wanted to finish the season on a high with them. Serco have been great, and they have made both my seasons in Australia memorable for all the right reasons. Thank you to Gavin, Teasy and Jonni for looking after me and wish them well in the future.

Rhys Budd (Serco Yamaha) – Seventh:
It was a disappointing way to finish the season and not the result both myself and the team wanted. My starts were average, and I was just getting out hustled in the early laps, which simply shouldn’t be happening. My whole supercross season has been a frustrating one for me, as I fell like I have been riding well during the week but just not getting any results on the weekend. It started poorly at the opening round when I missed the final and Newcastle, I just crashed too many times. But, I’m healthy and think there is a lot I can learn from this championship. The Serco Yamaha team have been great and I thank Gavin and Teasy for their support all season long.

Robbie Wageman (WBR Yamaha) – Fifth:
I have had a great time here in Australia and the WBR Yamaha team have been awesome to deal with. They have gone above and
beyond on many occasions and allowed me to race in your beautiful country. I would love to have finished on the podium for them and they work they have done but it wasn’t to be. I just didn’t get the start or track position I needed early in the race while the leading three guys did. But I have had a blast and would love to come back again as the series has been good and I feel I would be better next year now that I have an understanding of how things roll.

Ryder Kingsford (WBR Yamaha) – Ninth:
Not the greatest results on paper, but my riding has been pretty good and for me, this was my first season in SX2 so there was a lot to learn and still a lot more to take in. I had some good moments out there and thinking I still have plenty of room for improvement as a rider as I gain
more experience. I would love to have got through the first turn without the fall, just to see how I would go up thefront. I think it was the best start of my life, so it was a shame to waste it with a first turn crash. Thank you to the WBR Yamaha team for their support over the past couple of seasons. The entire Whitten family have been great to deal with and they have helped me progress over the last two seasons.

Reid Taylor (Raceline Husqvarna Berry Sweet Racing) – 10th:
I got off to a decent start in the Main and was fourth through the first corner. I was shuffled back to fifth and was riding comfortably there until midway through the race, when I went down with a lapped rider in the whoops and lost a bunch of positions. To still finish 10th, and eighth in the championship isn’t too bad, considering I was on the ground more than I would have liked during the series.

Jayce Cosford (Yamalube Yamaha Racing) – 11th:
I’m dirty at myself and how I raced the main event. I got caught in a battle that I should never have been part of and then I just lost focus in frustration. It’s something I will learn from and need to deal with better because my results should be far better than what I produced on the weekend. It’s time to have a reset and then come back next year an improved rider and athlete.

Kaleb Barham (Yamalube Yamaha Racing) – Sixth:
It’s been an awesome weekend down here in Melbourne and I’m pretty happy with how the results turned out. The track was the best of the series, the venue is so good to race in and I was able to put together some solid rides on each day. Sixth in the Australian Championship doesn’t sound great on paper, but the only Australians ahead of me were Nathan and Wilson so that’s something I can be proud off. And the world race was at another level with just the depth of rider in the main event. You make one mistake, and five guys go passed you quickly and because the races are shirt, the intensity is through the roof from the moment you leave the gate.

Max Anstie (Boost Mobile Honda Racing) – First (champion):
Competing here in Australia is an incredible experience, and having my dad here to witness my second championship in a row makes it even more special.

Wilson Todd (Terrafirma Honda Racing) – Second:
The mistake in Newcastle really affected my overall standing. Despite that, I’m pleased with how the night went. With another night of racing ahead, I’ll redirect my focus towards finishing the year on a high note.