Bikes 25 May 2023

Detailed: 2024 KTM EXC-F and EXC range

New generation enduro models from KTM to be released for next year.

The 2024 KTM EXC-F and EXC range has been uncovered with a radical transformation and is set to move the goalposts further than ever before with a host of revolutionary and class-leading features.

Sporting 95 percent new components, the 2024 KTM EXC range features an all-new frame, revolutionary closed-cartridge suspension, refined bodywork, LED headlight, and industry-defining technology. In short, the latest generation of KTM Enduro machines are ready to accept any challenge.

For the 2024 model year, the KTM EXC nameplate continues to raise the bar in the areas of performance, development, and innovation with its most radical transformation to date.

An all-new hydro-formed, laser-cut, and robot-welded frame forms the backbone of the 2024 KTM Enduro range. This brings new longitudinal and torsional flex parameters for unmatched rider feedback, energy absorption, and straight-line stability to the riding experience but also provides the foundation on which the 2024 model range is built.

Upfront, the KTM EXC and EXC-F range now boast an all-new 48 mm WP XACT closed cartridge spring fork, featuring a new mid-valve piston concept that optimizes oil flow within the cartridge.

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The KTM Enduro models continue to feature the proven PDS shock system, which for 2024 is updated and optimized to work fluidly with the new frame concept. This is mated to a new WP XPLOR PDS rear shock.

As an industry first, the suspension at both ends remains fully adjustable for compression and damping by way of hand clickers, without the need for any tools, and easy set preload adjustability on the rear.

An all-new lightweight two-piece subframe, constructed from a combination of polyamide and reinforced aluminium. It delivers outstanding handling and rider feedback, as well as remarkable robustness. All electronic components, including an all-new offroad control unit, are fully integrated into the subframe for easy access and improved protection.

More notably, the 2024 KTM EXC range benefits from new bodywork all around. This has been developed with input from the Red Bull KTM Factory riders to deliver an improved rider triangle for better knee contact, especially standing on the pegs.

A new front fender design now also features mud-repelling fins for expelling dirt and mud from hitting the rider or radiators, while a new 8.3 litre – four-stroke – and 8.9 litre – two-stroke – transparent, polythene (XPE) fuel tanks for easy fuel level monitoring complete the bodywork package.

Monitoring the electronics comes courtesy of a totally independent OCU under the seat, which replaces the use of electronic fuses and relays. In the event of any electrical component failure, the outputs are deactivated individually, with the error status of each unit indicated by a red or green LED light. This makes for quick and easy troubleshooting on the trail.

In terms of engines, the two-stroke model range once again takes its place as the leader of the oil-burner paddock, debuting new electronic throttle body injection technology. Dubbed TBI for short, it provides almost carburettor levels of ultra-smooth power delivery, while eliminating the need for re-jetting at different altitudes.

The reed valve case has also received an important design update, with new plastic flaps on the outside of the reed valve case for improved sealing of the intake tract. This new design avoids fuel excess in extreme up- or downhill sections which could lead to the fueling running rich.

A beneficial side effect of the new electronic fuel injection and the ECU is implementing the new electronic exhaust control, allowing for two different engine maps, selectable via an optional map select switch.

The 2024 KTM EXC two-stroke range will once again consist of the following model line-up:
● KTM 150 EXC
● KTM 250 EXC
● KTM 300 EXC

The four-stroke model range provides the most concise offering of models. All models in the four-stroke range benefit from class-winning engines, engineered to deliver massive torque down low with an explosive power delivery at higher RPMs.

An improved centre of gravity was achieved by tilting the engine two degrees backward and repositioning the front sprocket 3 mm lower, for greatly improved handling and maneuverability. Together with the benefits of mass centralization and reduced weight, the anti-squat behaviour of the chassis was significantly improved making for improved traction on extreme inclines and powering out of corners in special enduro stages.

The 2024 KTM EXC-F also debuts the optional addition of traction control and for the first time ever on an enduro machine – a quickshifter function. The latter makes for clutchless upshifts from second to sixth gear, allowing riders to keep the throttle pinned open while changing through the gears for improved control. These can be toggled on or off via an optional and newly designed map select switch.

The 2024 KTM EXC-F four-stroke range consists of the following models:
● KTM 250 EXC-F
● KTM 350 EXC-F
● KTM 450 EXC-F
● KTM 500 EXC-F

The 2024 KTM EXC range is the culmination of many years at the top end of Enduro competition, bringing together a dynamic combination of race-bred performance, ergonomics, and technology to challenge any terrain and redefine the limit.

As always, and thanks to KTM’s global networks of dealers, the availability of support and parts needed to compete at the highest level is easily accessible, with the added availability of dedicated KTM PowerWear and KTM PowerParts which have been designed to allow for the highest levels of performance, protection, and mobility for all offroad riders and racers.

The all-new 2024 KTM EXC and EXC-F range will be available at authorised KTM dealers in Australia and New Zealand from September 2023 onwards. For more information, visit