News 17 Apr 2023

‘I wasn’t worried about racing much at all today’ – Todd

MX2 leader banks important points with P3 overall at rain-soaked Wodonga.

Image: Foremost Media.

Reigning national MX2 champion Wilson Todd ‘wasn’t worried about racing much at all’ in the challenging conditions at Wodonga, instead opting to play it safe and score important points which resulted in third place overall.

Rainfall meant round three of the 2023 Penrite ProMX Championship was contested on a muddy, heavily rutted track surface, which provided riders with an immense challenge.

Bike management throughout the races was ultimately a crucial factor in whether points were scored or lost, and red plate-holder Todd played it on the conservative side in both motos, with his multi-championship-winning pedigree and experience on display as he seemingly did not take any unnecessary risks on his way to 3-5 moto scores.

“Just wanted to get through it without tipping over,” Todd explained to “I’ve been in mud races and tipped over before and it never ends up too well. I got pretty good starts, I got filled in both times at the first turn and then I wasn’t able to see the whole two next straights, because I wasn’t able to pull my roll-offs.

“I wasn’t worried about racing much at all today, just using the right rpm so I didn’t have to use the clutch anywhere, I didn’t want to rev it too much either. Just taking it easy on that thing and making sure it finished, because there is a lot to lose.”

While Todd’s Honda Racing teammate and closest rival in terms of the points standings Brodie Connolly took the round win and reduced the lead to eight points, the three-time Australian MX2 champion was able to increase his advantage on moto two winner Nathan Crawford (KTM Racing Team), who was forced out of the opening race with a mechanical issue.

Round four of the 2023 Penrite ProMX Championship is set to be contested across a two-day format at Maitland, NSW on 6-7 May.