News 24 Jan 2023

West targets US return following shortened AUSX cameo

Supercross Futures and Loretta Lynn's on the cards for this year.

Image: Foremost Media.

Australian teenager Brad West has confirmed his intentions of returning to the US following a foot injury that he suffered in between Australian Supercross Championship (AUSX) rounds at the end of last year.

West returned home late last year to fill in at Serco Yamaha after team regular Bailey Malkiewicz crashed and injured himself at the opening round of the season in Marvel Stadium, Melbourne.

The Queenslander entered round two slightly under-done, with only minimal time on the bike, and while the round at Adelaide didn’t go exactly to plan in finishing 12th on the night, West left satisfied with his speed, looking to the four-week break before the third round in Newcastle to improve on some weaknesses. Unfortunately, that was where his cameo would end.

“I was getting ready for Newcastle doing motos, and unfortunately on the second lap of a moto I had a part fail on my bike in the middle of a lane, it was one of the faster parts of the track, the bike locked up and I went flying into the face of a jump in a lane I knew something was wrong straight away, I got a big rush to my foot, and as a motocross rider, I’ve had a few injuries over the years so I know when something is broken,” West said to MotoOnline. “I ended up breaking five bones in my foot, so that wasn’t ideal.”

West, 18, confirmed he is planning to return to the US to race Supercross Futures. But told MotoOnline that it’s all depending on the recovery from his foot injury which he doesn’t have a time frame for at this point.

“I’ll definitely be heading back to the states, but it’ll all depend on my timeframe, I haven’t actually been given a timeframe yet with my foot, I’ll find out more at an appointment I’ve got coming up, but I’m hoping it’s as soon as possible,”West added. “I want to be able to do Supercross Futures and then from there try and do area and regional qualifiers for Loretta Lynn’s.”