News 11 Oct 2022

Yamaha’s Wilson clinches All-Japan 250 championship

Australian targets perfect season with two rounds remaining.

Image: Supplied.

Yamaha’s Jay Wilson has clinched the 2022 IA2 All-Japan Motocross Championship with two rounds to spare after delivering a perfect season to date and winning every race.

Wilson embarked on a stint in Japan late last year, making a guest appearance in the national series at Sugo and clean-sweeping the IA2 class at the round.

Following that trip, a factory Yamaha opportunity emerged for Wilson in the country to contest the complete 2022 championship in addition to a testing, coaching and development role with the brand.

This year the Australian has dominated the series, with his recent IA2 (250cc class) round win at Kyushu making it five overalls and 11 race victories so far in the season, also giving him an unattainable lead in the points chase to clinch the title.

“I’m very honoured to win, not just today, but also the Japanese Motocross Championship for 2022 for Yamaha,” Wilson said. “Since landing here, Yamaha has been nothing but amazing to deal with and have worked tirelessly so winning this is as much for them as it is for me.”

“It was a huge family decision we made towards the end of last year to move over from Australia and start a new chapter of our lives but it couldn’t have turned out any better. We are loving our time here and working with Yamaha both with racing and in testing is my dream job come true.

“Thank you everyone at Yamaha Factory Racing and the people that support us. This is a team effort so everyone call feel a part of this success and it was so good to see so many people here to celebrate this win with me.”

With two rounds remaining, Wilson’s target is firmly on completing a perfect season with victory in every moto, and his next opportunity to continue his winning ways comes at round six in Kanto on 30 October.

“I’m not sure if that has been done before here in Japan, but regardless, for myself and the team, I would love to get through the year and win every race in the championship,” he added.  “It would be a great achievement for myself and the Yamaha team, so that’s what we will keep working hard for and see if we can make it happen.”