News 26 Aug 2022

Formats uncovered ahead of upcoming WSX Championship

Three-race main event structure across both categories.

Image: Supplied.

SX Global has uncovered the race format that will be utilised for the upcoming World Supercross Championship (WSX), set to feature three-race main events per category in 2022.

Combined individual results of each back-to-back main event will determine each round winner for both the WSX and SX2 classes.

In addition, the WSX class will include a Superpole session featuring the top 10 WSX heat race finishers, which will decide gate selection for the main events.

“In everything we do with the WSX Championship, our aim is to take what’s best about supercross and expand on that with innovative ideas that address areas where the sport can be even better and this competitive format is a prime example of that,” said Adam Bailey, managing director – motorsport of SX Global.

“As we drive a dynamic global future for supercross, the fan experience has to be central to everything. Having more races ensures fans will enjoy significantly more action from their favourite riders over the course of an event, while shorter race formats increase the overall level of drama and excitement through tighter, action-packed battles and minimal downtime over the course of the evening.”

Championship points will be awarded for each of the three main event races. Points will follow the traditional supercross format of 25, 22 and 20, 18 and 16 points respectively for first through fifth place, with the remaining 17 riders earning from 15 points to one point, depending on where they finish. In total, a maximum of 75 world championship Points are up for grabs at each WSX Championship round.

In addition to the main event races, the fastest SX2 qualifier and the winner of the WSX Superpole will be awarded one additional championship point.