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Detailed: 2023 Fly Racing range

Progressive MX23 line launched with latest features and upgrades.

Fly Racing has launched its 2023 range, continuing to innovate with safety, style and performance in the latest evolution of its dirt bike collection.

Honed with testing and development from professional racers and Fly athletes such as Justin Brayton and RJ Hampshire, Fly Racing’s 2023 range is a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality and is its most progressive line to date.

While striving to be the best brand in motocross, Fly Racing caters for a wide range of consumers at varying price points and is distributed exclusively through McLeod Accessories in Australia.

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Evolution DST racewear

A mainstay of the Fly Racing lineup for over a decade, the Evolution DST racewear leads the way as Fly’s top-level gear set combination, with fresh colours and enhancements again for 2023.

The Evolution DST jersey boasts a pro fit and laser-cut perforations for advanced ventilation. A full-mesh back and integrated mesh is used in key areas, and zero-cuff arm openings combined with multi-directional lycra neck and shoulder panels allow for unrestricted mobility.

A low profile, multi-panel construction is used for maximum performance, and a seamless armpit with continuous stretch mesh panel from the sides to cuffs help prevent underarm irritation. Also, a silicone-printed tail keeps the jersey tucked in.

The Evolution DST pant features DST (Durable Stretch Technology) constructed of four-way HEX-Stretch fabric that provides excellent mobility with heavy-duty durability, while strategically placed stretch-mesh ventilation and laser-cut perforations in key areas enable advanced airflow.

The BOA Fit System is now on the left panel, and offers fast, on-the-fly adjustability, as an exclusive zipper lock system keeps the pants closed and secure.

Leather heat shield panels are fastened with high-tension, heat-resistant DuPont Kevlar stitching and a full-floating durable 900D seat surrounded by HEX-stretch material moves naturally with your body.

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Lite racewear

Lightweight, high-performance gear is synonymous with the Lite line of racewear. The Lite line is a look to the future, changing the game when it comes to performance expectations.

The Lite jersey features laser-cut perforations for advanced ventilation, and zero-cuffs provide unrestrictive mobility and a comfortable fit.

Mesh ventilation panels help dissipate unwanted heat, and an extended tail helps keep the jersey tucked in. Also, th  It boasts an athletic fit, close the body with minimal excess.

The Lite pant utilises a lightweight minimalist design with mesh panels on the side of the knees, hips and lower legs. Lower-profile stretch leg cuffs are also featured with a removable elastic band.

Located at the front of the pant, the BOA Fit System provides a lighter and faster zipper-less entry with a wider range of adjustability, while a four-way stretch panel is used for maximum comfort and movement.

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Kinetic racewear

Ideal for those summer motos, the Kinetic line proves a mid-level, standard fit, and is a proven race-winning line in Supercross and Pro Motocross, known as the workhorse for fly racing.

The Kinetic jersey boasts a tagless comfort-stretch collar with gusset, and relaxed shorty elastic sleeve cuffs. A multi-panel construction allows for maximum performance and a comfortable fit, while an extended tail helps keep the jersey tucked in.

An ultra-durable 900D construction with laser-cut perforations for advanced ventilation is featured in the Kinetic pants, with leather heat shield panels with high-tension, heat-resistant Aramid stitching also used in the design. Soft-flex protective rubber badging is used to create massive vents for airflow.

Looking at the Kinetic pants fit, ergonomically pre-shaped knee works with most guards as a full-floating seat surrounded by stretch rip-stop material moves with your body.

A ratcheting closure with zipper lock system keeps pants closed and secure, while Fly’s unique Adaptive Waist System (AWS) provides a custom fit.

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F-16 racewear

The F-16 racewear is back for 2023, ideal for the budget racer chasing quality, non-budget performance. Fly continues to cater to a wide range of riders with this line, including options for both male and female racers.

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Women’s Lite racewear

The 2023 Fly Racing range sees some fresh new colours for female riders, with the Women’s Lite jersey and pant specifically built with comfort and performance in mind, and is competitively proven.

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Formula Carbon Helmet

Fly Racing’s flagship Formula Carbon helmet boasts an Adaptive Impact System (AIS), with an extremely lightweight 12K carbon fibre shell providing superior penetration resistance.

Initially introduced in 2021, the Formula Carbon weighs just 1290 grams (in medium/large size) and boasts Impact Energy Cells made of RHEON which maximize absorption of low-speed linear and rotational impacts, reducing forces transmitted to the brain.

The Formula Carbon’s construction features an Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) chin bar that creates an additional element of impact mitigation, and is used in the chin bar for its superior damage resistance, and energy absorbing properties.

Added comfort liner and quick-release cheek pads are made of washable moisture-wicking, anti-microbial material with ventilation provided through the True Functional Ventilation (TFV) system – when in motion air is forced through multiple air intake vents, then passed through aligned vent channels in the EPS and exits out multiple rear exhaust vents.

Included accessories are a premium helmet garage, extra visor and optional cold weather breath box.

Formula CC helmet

Constructed out of a Tri-weave composite shell is comprised of carbon fibre, DuPoint Kevlar and fibreglass, the Formula CC helmet weighs 1340 grams.

It features impact energy cells made of Rheon, and Conehead Dual-density Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Technology to provide a softer liner whereby the cones help manage or absorb an impact force more efficiently. Six critical zones have been fine-tuned for a progressive response to low-speed and high-speed impacts

The Formula CC features TFV for ventilation, a comfort liner and washable, moisture-wicking cheek pads and includes a soft fleece helmet bag, optional cold weather breath box and optional cold weather helmet liners.

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Formula CP helmet

The Fly Racing Formula CP helmet features a polycarbonate alloy shell with RHEON impact cells and weighs 1450 grams.

Like the other Fly Forumla helmets, the CP – which was first introduced last year – boasts an EPS chin bar, anti-bacterial and removable cheek pads and lining, TFV. A soft fleece helmet bag is included.

Also, a clavicle shell relief zone creates a soft zone filled with EPS to aid in reducing clavicle injuries, and custom molded rubber trim with an integrated nose guard and lightweight custom visor screws are featured in its construction.

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Zone Pro goggle

The Zone Pro goggle returns for 2023, and features a polycarbonate lens with premium anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings, housed in a lightweight yet durable polyurethane frame. The frame design itself is engineered to increase the field of view, providing massive peripheral vision.

Features include quick change replacement lens with pre-installed tear-off posts, premium moulded foam to provide superior moisture management and a tight seal, while outriggers enable optimal fit.

Optional accessories and lens colours are available, with a removable FLY nose guard included, along with an extra polycarbonate clear lens with premium anti-scratch, anti-fog and pre-installed tear-off posts, and a microfibre goggle bag.

Looking at the fit, a 45mm adjustable double buckle strap is utilised for easy goggle tension adjustment, with non-slip silicone on the inside of the strap to ensure a secure fit to your helmet.

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To view the entire 2023 Fly Racing line, which also features foot protection, youth variants including the Formula range, off-road gear, protection, luggage, hydration, casual wear and hard parts, visit the official brand website at, or visit your local Fly Racing retailer for more information.