News 12 Aug 2022

CDR to remain on current YZ450F for supercross season

December arrival means 2023 model won't be rolled out until next year.

Image: Foremost Media.

CDR Yamaha Monster Energy Team owner Craig Dack has confirmed that the outfit will use the current YZ450F as its premier class platform for the upcoming supercross season, with the all-new 2023 model not due to arrive locally until December.

With the World Supercross Championship (WSX) commencing on 8 October at the British GP and Australian Supercross (AUSX) taking off at Marvel Stadium on 21 October, the existing platform will be used until next year.

“Because it’s a major change and it has come in quite late, we will stay with the 2022 model, 100 percent,” Dack confirmed to MotoOnline

Traditionally, riders and teams will switch to the latest model for Australian Supercross, with the new models generally available earlier than what we will see with the latest generation YZ450F.

For Yamaha specifically, the availability of the 2023 YZ450F comes five months later in the calendar than its predecessor, which was in stock in Australia from July last year.

Australian team regulars Luke Clout and Aaron Tanti will represent the outfit in SX1 for AUSX, while Clout is expected to be joined by Josh Hill to compete on YZ450Fs for the squad in WSX.