Products 1 Aug 2022

Detailed: Dunlop Geomax MX14 tyre

Brand's all-new sand/mud tyre features a host of enhancements.

The all-new Geomax MX14 rear tyre has been uncovered by Dunlop, offering increased performance in loose or hard-based sand and muddy conditions.

As the successor to the Dunlop Geomax MX12, the MX14 boasts improvements in a broader range of conditions and is developed on feedback from a number of top athletes around the world.

Offering better cornering traction, slide control, start performance, shock absorption, and braking grip, the MX14 features a new pattern with reduced scoop block spacing that can more effectively penetrate and scoop sandy/muddy terrain thanks to the new Reinforced Scoop Technology (RST) and V-Block Technology Advanced (V-BT Advanced) designs.

Image: Supplied.

A new Flexible Fin Technology (FFT) allows for improved stopping power and more progressive brake control. The optimised tread blocks are 18 percent taller to ensure optimum grip and enhance the RST and V-BT technologies.

The MX14’s refined compound improves control and penetration, increases tyre strength and reduces flex, providing traction on straights and corner exits, thanks to the High-Resilience Rubber Compound (H-RRC) technology.

Also, the new carcass construction is designed to improve absorption and damping by adding a ply to improve linearity when load is applied. The MX14 comes in a range of sizes and is suitable to be paired with the Dunlop MX33 and MX12 front tyres. For more information, including a complete size and pricing chart, visit the website of Australian importer Ficeda Accessories at