News 28 Jun 2022

Key points to Maitland improvement highlighted by Moss

Second overall at round five a breakout season-best result.

Image: Foremost Media.

A strong uplift in form upon his return to the 2022 Penrite ProMX Championship at Maitland saw BBR 102 Motorsports’ Matt Moss right in front-running contention, later highlighting a number of factors that led to his improved 2-2 results and overall podium.

BBR team owner Bayden Blanchette decided with Moss and the squad to sit out the fourth round of the series at Gillman in order to reset and refocus for the second half of the season.

A refreshed approach in the build-up to Maitland saw Moss start working closely with multi-time Australian national champion Craig Anderson and also switch from Factory Spec to Krooztune for suspension support in line with a team decision.

The 2-2 scorecard at round five was Moss’ strongest showing in the 2022 ProMX season since returning to the sport and the two-time MX1 champion admits a lot went in behind the scenes to make second overall possible.

“My dad sat down with me and I asked him ‘hey man, I need some help’,” Moss explained to MotoOnline. “With dad being older and close to retirement sort of age, he spoke to me about… we had ideas with Ando [Craig Anderson] between the team, Bayden, me and [mechanic] Leeroy.

“It just fell into place. Ando came along and I think obviously being a multi-time champion, from day one to the current date, the amount of effort that he puts into me, and the amount of effort I give him back is a massive part of why we are moving forward.

“Always too, it comes down to the rider, making the sacrifice and seeing the light in a better way. I felt like I just wasn’t doing it right, come Albury I was literally close to hanging up the boots, for motocross anyway. I know supercross is a different thing, it’s what I do and I’m better at it.

“I thought, I couldn’t end on that note. We literally put our heads down and it’s just hard work and dedication. My wife has backed my decision, I was home a lot prior to working with Ando, and working with the team to change what I was doing. It’s been a massive effort from everyone, from my mechanic Leeroy, my guy that does my bikes up at Coffs Harbour during the week, Greg James, Bayden Blanchette, Craig Anderson, dad and my wife.”

Regarding the change in suspension support, Moss added: “Kenny [Factory Spec] is a great bloke and great at what he does, it was a team decision just due to his availability, being flat out. Obviously, that contributed that little bit and, don’t get me wrong, I love the Krooztune Suspension.”