News 7 Jun 2022

Second moto result the difference for Tanti at Manjimup

ProMX leader not happy with 'quite a dirty move' from Rykers.

Image: Foremost Media.

An eventful second moto at the 2022 Berry Sweet Manjimup 15,000 proved the difference for current Penrite ProMX red plate-holder Aaron Tanti in Western Australia, costing him any chance of the Allstars MX1 victory despite winning two of four races on Sunday.

Tanti missed out on the overall by just a single point, with Husqvarna’s Todd Waters taking the honours, and recalled the decisive second moto, which he said included a move from Jayden Rykers (Empire Kawasaki) that brought him down a second time in the moto.

“It was awesome to be at Manjimup again this year, I love the event it was my second time and I hope it’s the second of many,” Tanti told MotoOnline. “I had a pretty good weekend other than that second moto, I did get into the lead and I did crash myself, which put me back a few positions.

“I charged back through and made the pass on Jayden Rykers on the last lap – a nice easy clean pass – and then next corner he did quite a dirty move… I wasn’t really happy with it, I didn’t think it was called for, but yeah that put me down on the last lap. I couldn’t get my bike going for a little bit and I got eighth in that moto, which kind of killed the points situation.

“I did my best and all I could, I won the last two motos and I only finished one point shy, so it was still a good day for me. I believe I was the best there and it was definitely good to finish on a strong note heading into the next round of the nationals.”

Tanti’s next major outing comes at Maitland, New South Wales, on 26 June for round five of the 2022 Penrite ProMX Championship. He leads MX1 by 12 points at the halfway point in the series.