News 1 Jun 2022

MAVTV releases statement on Fox Raceway problems

Network actively working to improve MAVTV Plus for future events.

Image: Octopi Media.

MAVTV has released a statement regarding its broadcast problems encountered during the opening round of the 2022 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship, which saw major challenges with the newly-introduced MAVTV Plus streaming platform on Saturday.

Qualifying was placed on the MAVTV Facebook page, rather than the MAVTV Plus application and website that viewers had subscribed to in the lead-up, before all four motos were aired across both Facebook and the American Motocross YouTube account free of charge to ensure fans were able to tune in.

To make matters more complicated, those unscheduled streams were commercial-free, while the official coverage streamed for subscribers – once issues were rectified on the MAVTV Plus platform – included an extensive amount of ads during the motos in line with what is broadcast through the MAVTV Motorsports Network via television providers. The wide expectation is that paying subscribers should receive uninterrupted races without commercials.

“Saturday, the MAVTV Plus website was impacted in a manner unexpected to us which did not meet the quality standard we strove for,” a statement from MAVTV read. “This is not acceptable and we are actively working on solutions to remedy the situation and as we move toward future events. We know this did not provide the best user experience for our fans and we share in your frustration. We sincerely apologise.

“Our goal is to bring you only the best streaming service possible this season. We hear you! We are actively working on a commercial solution which will work best for both the fan experience and sponsor experience. We are true to our fans, the integrity of the racing and value our sponsors who make the sport we all love possible. Our company strives to bring quality products and services and we will continue to work towards bringing a solution to remedy all concerns. Thank you for your loyalty and support of MAVTV Plus.”