Bikes 11 May 2022

Detailed: 2023 KTM SX-F and SX range

Host of updates make brand's latest motocross bikes even faster.

KTM has revealed its 2023 SX-F and SX range, consisting of 12 models that are sleeker, slimmer and more Ready To Race than ever with a host of updates.

The 2023 KTM SXs scale from electric learner bikes through to two-stroke minicycles (50, 65, 85cc), to larger two-stroke thrillers at 125, 250 and 300cc. The KTM SX-Fs consist of 250, 350 and 450 four-strokes.

With the use of cutting-edge ideas and technology, the 2023 KTM motocross bikes are primed. Partnerships with companies such as Keihin, Pankl, and Brembo mean performance possibilities have expanded.

Full size 2023 KTM SX bikes will count on two maps (one standard, softer and linear power and another for a more aggressive response), launch control, traction control, a ‘roll-over’ sensor for large crashes, an hour meter as standard with electronic fuel injection status and a fuel indicator through the Keihin engine management system.

Other preparatory steps come through the tool-free adjustments now possible with the latest spec WP Suspension engineering. New 7.2l polythene fuel tanks can be filled (feeding into the protected one-piece fuel pump and filter) and a quick spin of the Excel alloy wheel rims is quicker and easier to check thanks to the fresh spoke ‘nipple’ design.

Fired up with the electric starter (on all models), KTM SX engine packages are more compact, more durable, more serviceable and offer the best power-to-weight ratio across the board.

New cylinder heads translate into performance gains while a rearwards rotation of the engines by two degrees has given better centralization and a more profound effect for the chassis concept. Brand new five-speed Pankl Racing Systems transmissions with an additional sensor for the four-strokes mean that up-shifts (from second gear onwards) are slicker thanks to the Quickshifter function.

The Quickshifter can be disabled with a switch on the handlebar but a weight-optimized shift shaft in the transmission itself means that the operating force of the changes is now less and therefore easier. A Brembo hydraulic clutch ensures top-of-the-range dependability whatever the conditions.

With the 2023 two-strokes in the range, a new electronic fuel injection is featured to ensure simplicity, enjoyment and uniqueness. Therefore, the SXs get a new 39mm throttle body with injectors positioned for pinpoint response.

A ‘remix to the premix’ counts on a TPS-sensor for better behaviour while idle and for the fuel-air mixture (not forgetting the cold start mechanism which is the same as the KTM SX-Fs). The effect is more power, more response, more assurance, more ease, more fun.

KTM have taken their chassis and frame design principles back to the core and has sought better dynamics, stability and strength. ‘Longitudinal rigidity’ is a key phrase with accentuated rider feeling coming through an ‘anti-squat’ philosophy. This has been achieved by a new frame and mounts, subframe, swingarm, engine repositioning, ergonomics and WP Suspension tech.

The frame is hydro-formed, laser-cut and robot-welded, as the wall thickness has been optimized to achieve improved specific rigidity in high-stress areas such as the steering head and all new shock mounts.

The KTM SX two-strokes have new parallel frame mounts. The design is sportier with sights on extra agility; an example comes through the new inwardly moved footpegs for even greater clearance in ruts and for dropping the bike flat for jump scrubs.

New footpegs are even larger in surface area, even if the die casting means they are lighter than before. Stiffness has been dialled with lighter die-cast hollow swingarms (new casting processes allow for even more weight saving) and a new rear axle.

The WP Suspension XACT shock is shorter and lighter. The internal flow of liquids is more flush, reliable and resistant, and the shock’s smaller dimensions lower the chances of pollutants and dirt intrusion.

The shape permits higher ground clearance with the linkage and advanced damping means better traction as the bike ingests the bumps with the new geometry setting. Entering corners or landing jumps any KTM SX can take full profit from WP XACT forks with AER air technology featuring a new hydrostop for more effective performance and more ‘bottoming’ resistance.

The 2023 KTM SXs are narrower and honed, but we have managed to increase contact area and surfaces to allow even more input into the handling of the bike.

The flat orange seat – offering excellent grip and a stance emphasizing greater control – and the reworked front fender are other identifiable marks. The ‘mud flaps’ of the fender prevent excessive soil from being flicked up towards the rider and the radiator in particularly wet conditions.

The rate of energy absorption is high in the latest KTM motocross range thanks to the forgiving chassis and other components such as the fresh CNC milled triple clamps with optimized bar mounts and wider grip surface area. This leads to less handlebar ‘twist’.

The whole unit is protected by a new number plate design. The subframe is now a finely engineered hybrid thanks to polyamide reinforced aluminium, applying strength to the lower part of the frame and extending flexibility for control and comfort in upper sections. The subframe has been designed with advanced finite element analysis and weighs less than two kilos.

Dunlop GEOMAX MX33 tyres are chosen for the 2023 KTM SX line-up after a careful testing and selection process.

A selection of KTM PowerParts and KTM PowerWear are available to further enhance the ride, which includes riding gear, protection and extra parts and much more.

The 2023 KTM SX range will be available at authorised KTM dealerships in Australia and New Zealand starting from August 2022 onwards for the two-stroke minicycles and four-stroke SX-F, with the larger two-stroke SX models expected later in the year, from November 2022 onwards. Further information can be found at