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Detailed: Intuitive-Cube range

Pioneering brand continues to excel with market-leading range.

Freshly launched into the Australian market, the Intuitive-Cube range offers leading motorcycle quick release phone holders and a selection of practical accessories.

Intuitive-Cube was founded in 1977, with the brand being launched in 2012 – now currently exporting to more than 30 countries worldwide.

Handlebar Mount A+

The Handlebar Mount A+ (RRP $74.95) is constructed from machined 6061 aluminium and boasts a safety fastener for dual fixing. It’s suitable for any bar size 20 to 32mm and is compatible with X-Guard Cases and Universal Mount. Adjustability for any viewing angle is incorporated.

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Handlebar Mount

A cheaper alternative to the A+, the Handlebar Mount (RRP $44.95) supports both portrait and landscape viewing and is feather-light at 37 grams. It boasts a reinforcement fixing with a safety fastener and also is suitable for any bar size 20 to 32mm while being compatible with X-Guard cases and Universal Mount.

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Small Tube/Mirror Arm Mount A+

Suitable for any bar size 12 to 18.5mm, the Small Tube/Mirror Arm Mount A+ (RRP $74.95) is constructed from machined 6061 aluminium and comes with a safety fastener for dual-fixing. It’s compatible with X-Guard cases and Universal Mount.

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Mirror Mount A+

The Mirror Mount A+ (RRP $74.95) is suitable for side bolt mirror size’s M8/M10/M12 and provides adjustable viewing for any angle and is constructed from machined 6061 aluminium.

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Stem Hole Mount

With four different sizing options (12-14mm x 35mm/14-17mm x 35mm/17-21mm x 40mm/21-26mm x 40mm), the Stem Hole Mount (RRP $19.95) is specifically designed to fix in the hole of the triangle platform of heavy motorcycles. It is required to go with the X-Guard Aluminium Mount.

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Infinity Mount

The Infinity Mount (RRP $24.95) provides a mounting option for both flat and curved surfaces, perfect examples being the top of a helmet or a motorcycle body. A safety lock is incorporated into the design and reinforced adhesion holds up to one kilogram.

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X-Guard cases

The X-Guard cases (RRP $39.95) provide hassle-free, instant connect and disconnect functions and boast a military-style design. Their TPU frames provide excellent elasticity, high levels of anti-wear and strong shock absorption, all offering enhanced protection. Carbon and clear grey options are available for select iPhones. The X-Guard cases come with an Infinity mount included.

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Infinity Adapter and Mount

Compatible with all X-Guards mounts, the Infinity Adapter and Mount (RRP $19.95) weighs at just 8.2g but can hold up to one kilogram of static state use with its reinforced adhesion.

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Infinity Adapter +

Available in brushed metal or carbon fibre, the Infinity Adapter + (RRP $14.95) fixes to a flat-surfaced device and is compatible with all X-Guard accessories.

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Drop-Proof Holder

Providing that extra protection for your phone to prevent it from falling, the Drop-Proof Holder (RRP $14.95) is suitable for varying phone sizes.

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Splash-Proof Bag/Case

Suitable for phone sizes up to 6.7 inches, the X-Guard Splash-Proof Bag (RRP $49.95) comes with a pad that fully embraces the device and provides anti-shock protection. It’s made from water-resistant nylon materials to prevent rain, dirt, sand and splashes from getting in and harming your phone while featuring a unique air-cooling design to prevent overheating. Touchscreen shield zips protect the phone’s touchscreen.

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Universal Holder

Constructed from super elasticity silicone material, the Universal Holder (RRP $44.95) features a patented cross structure for instant connect and disconnect capability. It’s compatible with X-Guard multi-function accessories and suitable for phones sized between 4.7-6.5 inches.

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GoPro Adapter

The X-Guard GoPro Adapter (RRP $24.95) provides a solution for GoPro mounting and allows for instant connect/disconnect with a single twist. It boasts a specialised design for GoPro and sports cameras and is compatible with all X-Guard accessories.

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3-Axis Shock Absorber

Featuring a dampening seismic system with four-side dampening airbags and a central rubber ball (total five dampening airbags), the 3-Axis Shock Absorber (RRP $24.95) provides three-axis suspension for increased protection. It is required to be used with X-Guard phone mounts.

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For more information on the extensive Intuitive-Cube range that is imported into Australia by Moto National Accessories, visit the Australian website for Intuitive-Cube at