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Detailed: 2022 Troy Lee Designs collection

SE Ultra, SE Pro, GP and associated Air lines now available.

Troy Lee Designs has released it’s 2022 collection, the new moto range from the TLD brand featuring its latest upgrades and graphic options from the SE Ultra, SE Pro, GP and associated Air lines that are now available.

Developed ‘For the World’s Fastest Racers’, including Justin Barcia, Michael Mosiman and Pierce Brown of the TLD Red Bull GasGas Factory Racing team, as well as the likes of Cole Seely, this latest collection covers riders of all types and capabilities.

SE Ultra Racewear

At the pinnacle of this latest TLD collection, the SE Ultra racewear enables riders to perform to extremes, built for top performance, fit and speed.

The SE Ultra jersey’s four-way TLD Ultra Mesh stretch fabric allows unrestricted movement. The brand has added precision laser-cut ventilation and lightweight moisture-wicking material that makes for a high-end jersey that is built for speed and superior comfort.

The new SE Ultra Factory pant incorporates the highest level technology in a race pant. TLD Ultra Tech four-way stretch fabric allows for unrestricted mobility, plus inside leather knee panels offer durability when on the bike. When things heat up, the lightweight fabric and the laser perforated holes allow for significant ventilation.

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SE Pro Air Racewear

The SE Pro Air range provides top of the line protection with maximum airflow, built to keep riders cool – and fast – when the gate drops.

The TLD SE Pro Air Jersey is fit for the hottest races and boasts TLD Air Mesh fabric that provides the perfect balance of lightweight feel, advanced mobility and also durability.

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SE Pro racewear

When Troy Lee started to design the SE Pro gear he had one mission – it had to be the best functioning and fitting gear that will help our athletes excel on the race-track.

The design team started by researching lighter and more flexible fabrics that would not only reduce the weight of the pant and jersey, but would be able to provide some stretch making this gear more form-fitting. Once the fabrics were dialed in, TLD started having its elite athletes test the SE Pro gear in all disciplines of racing.

Built for the pros, the SE Pro jersey is a combination of the best in performance and protection. TLD dura mesh fabric with four-way stretch and neckline welded construction allows for unrestricted mobility and added durability, while wicking and quick-dry finishes keep you cool on hot days.

As for the SE Pro pant, it has TLD dura tech and perf stretch woven fabrics, plus inside knee leather panels that also encourage mobility and durability in key areas. A silicone-lined waistband helps keep your jersey tucked in place and a stretch yoke adds even more flexibility.

Also featured in the SE line is the TLD SE4 Polycrylite helmet, which comes with MIPS, incorporating brain rotational protection. It also boasts an expanded polypropylene chin bar for lightweight, durable protection, 16 intake ports and six exhaust ports for air-flow.

GP ridewear

Designed for all types of riding, the GP line provides a classic TLD fit and style with the perfect combination of flexibility, breathability, protection and aesthetic.

The GP jersey is constructed with TLD dura knit fabrics for durability and has a quick-dry finish for increased breathability. A silicone signature logo on the tail keeps the jersey in place.

Likewise, the GP pant features a polyester fabric that provides durability, while stretch yoke and TLD articulated knee technology increases mobility in key areas.

Inside knee leather panels are also featured in the GP pant, along with a ratchet waist adjustment system and silicone on the inside waistband for enhanced placement.

This line also features the GP helmet, made from a technologically-advanced polyacrylite shell that has 16 intake ports and 12 rear exhaust ports to channel cool air over and around a riders head. Lightweight, there are 10 colourways to choose from.

Also in the TLD GP line is the youth collection, inspired by the adult GP collection and available in a number of colourways to suit the next generation of dirt bike riders.

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GP Air ridewear

The GP Air line is highly ventilated for warmer days, yet still provides GP level protection, comfort, fit and flexibility in classic TLD styles.

Mesh polyester and ventilated panelling keep air moving in the GP Air jersey, while strategic stretch materials are placed in key areas for unrivalled comfort.

Like the jersey, the GP Air pant is highly breathable and utilizes polyester material inside the knee panels to ensure durability. Flexible panels in key areas enhance mobility and a rachet waist adjustment system is used to provide an optimal fit.

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Women’s GP gear

New to the TLD collection for 2022 is the TLD Women’s GP gear, which has been built and tested for women, by women. It is based off the best-selling GP platform, but modified for women figures and styles.

Both the jersey and pant come in ride fit, with TLD articulated knee technology used in the pant. These are constructed from 600D polyester fabric to provide added durability.

The Women’s GP pant also features stretch yoke in rear seat and groin areas to enhance mobility, while four jersey designs can be worn with the mono black pant.

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For complete information on the entire 2022 Troy Lee Designs collection that’s out now and including pricing, visit the website of Australian distributor Lusty Industries at