News 9 Jul 2021

AMG fully committed to see out complete ProMX Championship

Overlap of ProMX and AUS Supercross rounds potential option amid uncertainty.

Image: Foremost Media.

Australian Motocross Group’s (AMG) Mark Luksich has expressed on behalf of the country’s leading race teams that there is no intention of reducing events run in the 2021 Penrite ProMX Championship.

AMG maintains that there is an absolute commitment in working with Motorcycling Australia (MA) to find alternate solutions and ensure the series can realise its intended eight-round completion.

Made up of MA motocross commissioner Luksich – also part of the ProMX Management Team – alongside CDR Yamaha Monster Energy’s Craig Dack, Honda Racing’s Yarrive Konsky and Serco Yamaha’s Gavin Eales, AMG was formed late last year as a more formal voice for teams within the sport at the national level.

With Wodonga’s postponement officially confirmed yesterday, AMG and governing body MA continue to cooperate with various ProMX stakeholders in a bid to determine viable options during these dynamic times.

“It’s completely, completely adamant that we do everything to exhaust getting eight rounds run,” Luksich told “Everybody’s on that same platform – MA, us as AMG, all interests we know and sponsors.

“It’s just about being realistic about the ongoing challenges and changes that happen because of Covid and being as fair [as possible] and sticking to what you’ve got to, because government rule changes can happen between any given state.”

With delays to the ProMX season potentially pushing rounds as far back as October, a short turnaround or possible overlap with early Australian Supercross Championship rounds is not out of the question. That series is currently expected to commence on 16 October, despite the calendar not being formally announced.

“It’s not ideal, no one wants to do that, but everybody just has to deal with whatever is going to be required,” Luksich added. “Teams will accept that, riders will accept that… they might not like it. Whether there be a motocross round the weekend before supercross starts or a round on a weekend in between, who knows.”

Although there are multiple contingency plans being developed, one target that was made clear by the main point of contact at AMG was to have a decisive and clear final round of the national motocross series. Right now that is scheduled to be the rescheduled Gillman round on 5 September.

However, Wodonga could take place even later and there is no guarantee that QMP and Coolum events will go ahead as planned considering the elevated restrictions being enforced in Greater Sydney and surrounding areas from today. That lockdown is tentatively due to end on 16 July, but a further extension isn’t being ruled out by the state government.

“We all need to agree on that – where the finish line is – so the championship isn’t seen as a moving target,” added Luksich. “We’re trying to determine that so we don’t go, ‘he’s leading the championship but we’ve just decided to continue on with another round’.”

At this point, the next round of the ProMX Championship is now scheduled to take place on 8 August at Queensland Moto Park, which will mark the first of two QLD stops – the second of those being Coolum’s double-header – in successive weeks.