News 1 Jul 2021

Wilson’s planned return to New Zealand now uncertain

Former MX2 champion to be based in Queensland for the time being.

Image: Foremost Media.

Jay Wilson’s plans to return to New Zealand are now uncertain, the Yamalube Yamaha Racing contender returning to Queensland where he’ll continue to be based from until the Australia-New Zealand travel bubble reopens.

Wilson had relocated to New Zealand following Wonthaggi’s opening round of ProMX where he’s been under the guidance of Josh Coppins and Ben Townley, and returned there following Canberra’s second stop of the series.

He remained in New Zealand for the two month period until last weekend’s event in Maitland, however with the growing outbreak of Covid-19 in New South Wales and now Queensland, the former MX2 champion has been denied the chance to travel between countries for the time being.

“After I came back from the previous round and went to New South Wales, I knew the bubble was going to be closed to me,” Wilson explained to “Then, obviously, Queensland went into lockdown as well.

“The bubble is closed at the moment – I was able to get my wife and daughter back on a flight on Tuesday. For the meantime, while the bubble is closed, I’ll continue to do my riding and training back here in Australia.

“Depending on what happens with this bubble will depend if I go back or not. It doesn’t matter where I am – New Zealand or Australia – I’m always in close communication with the people in my corner and they oversee what I do.

“The people I have behind me in New Zealand are still behind me when I’m in Australia and any riding I have done over there has just really elevated what we always knew was possible.”

Wilson is ranked fourth in the MX2 championship standings following a third place finish in New South Wales last weekend.