Products 23 Jun 2021

Tested: 2021 100% Accuri2 goggle

On-track with the updated new generation Accuri2 goggle from 100%.

Words: Mike Sleeter

100% has proven to not only be a major player in the goggle market, but also to have now become a leader in the space since the relaunch of the brand almost a decade ago and that’s evident in the all-new Accuri2 goggle.

The original Accuri goggle has won championships across the world in supercross, motocross, rally, off-road, and MTB, so when we heard there was an all-new Accuri2, there was concern that they might be trying to reinvent the wheel without it being necessary.

However, that was far from the case. The first thing you will notice with the Accuri2, is that the general appearance of the goggle is much like the original Accuri. Its design is sleek and clean with a solid blend of function and fashion.

Highlighting some of the changes with the Accuri2 are a 45mm wide silicone strap and ultra-thick triple-layer face foam to retain sweat for heavy perspiration. Alongside those changes, are a nine-point lens retention system that secures the anti-fog coated polycarbonate lens in the frame, as well as supporting triple-post tear-offs for secure fitment.

Image: Anthony Sansotta.

Perhaps the biggest change of all to the new model comes by way of improved fitment. With a better seal and an increased field of view, it’s clear the Accuri2 has taken a big step forward from its predecessor.

Once I put the goggle on, I could instantly tell the difference in the seal around my face. The original Accuri was used by race winners because of its comfort and seal, but ultimately it was not intended for that level of racer.

So with Accuri2, they wanted to make a ‘non-outrigger’ style of goggle that performs for the newbie and a championship rider alike in all relevant two-wheel sectors. The new lens seems to have better clarity and transition in shadows, but I can say the best improvement on the Accuri2 is the new triple-layer foam, giving added comfort and sweat retention.

Image: Supplied.

The question is, should you ditch your Accuri and get the new Accuri2? In my opinion, yes, you should as it’s a step ahead in every way. It looks better, it performs better and just like the original version of the Accuri and Racecraft, the lenses and tear-offs can be shared between both models.

For more information on the all-new Accuri2, which retails from $85.95 and is available in a mix of colours and lens variations, visit