Products 11 Jun 2021

Detailed: Maxxis Maxxcross MX-SI and MX-IH range

Soft Intermediate and Intermediate Hard options now available.

Maxxis has introduced two new tyres to its popular Maxxcross range, with the Maxxcross MX-SI and MX-IH joining the Maxxcross MX-ST and MX-SM options.

The tyres feature next-generation tyre technology developed with defending Australian MX1 champion Todd Waters, who he’s been onboard with Maxxis for the last two seasons.

The all-new Maxxcross MX-SI is the go-to tyre for riders searching for a durable, lightweight race tyre that delivers excellent traction in Australia’s soft and intermediate terrains. You’ll be equally impressed by the MX-SI’s performance and longevity in loose and hard conditions, along with prepared race track conditions.

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Maxxcross MX-SI tyre key features:
– Tread pattern and race-proven rubber compound delivers excellent traction in soft-intermediate riding conditions.
– Rubber compound delivers increased performance and durability in intermediate conditions.
– Anti-flex bridges on side knobs offer solid straight-line stability and enhanced grip for aggressive cornering.
– Lightweight pliable carcass design improves ride comfort, impact absorption and rider feel.

The all-new Maxxcross MX-IH offers motocross and enduro riders increased cornering control and rider feel in Australia’s intermediate and hard conditions. The lightweight carcass construction and strong sidewall virtually eliminate any edgy tyre roll sensation.

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Maxxcross MX-IH tyre key features:
– Tread and compound designed specifically for intermediate and hard conditions.
– Rubber compound delivers increased performance and durability in hard conditions.
– Lightweight carcass construction and a strong sidewall virtually eliminates tyre roll sensation through corners.
– The pentagon knob design and half-shoulder knobs with stagger grooves increase cornering control and rider feel in intermediate.

The MX-SI starts at RRP $54.95 while the MX-IH is priced from RRP $69.95, and both are now available at dealerships across the country. For more information, visit