Products 13 May 2021

Detailed: Shred Bike Care range

Australian-owned and made brand now offering six products.

Australian-owned Shred Bike Care launched into the market in the last six months, expanding to six products to help riders keep their dirt bike clean and pristine.

The Victorian-based company makes and bottles all of its products locally in Melbourne, and offers a wide range of cleaning solutions from its popular Fast Wash product, through to the Fast Degreaser and Fast Shine options.

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Fast Wash:
The Shred Fast Wash is the perfect cleaner to get your bike looking like new again. It’s a potent biodegradable formula based on our Shred Fast Wash Concentrate (available as a Reload’), which will leave your pride and joy with that new bike shine you never want to leave. The product is safe to use on all surfaces such as carbon fibre, plastic, alloy, titanium and all paint finishes including anodised surfaces. The Good to Go one-litre bottle is priced at RRP $19.95, while the Reload concentrate one-lite bottle comes in at $27.95. The Factory Series Fast Wash comes in five-litre ($52.95) and 25-litre ($159.95) options.

Fast Degreaser:
Shred Fast Degreaser is a versatile and zesty citrus-based degreaser designed to rapidly remove grease and grime from all areas of your drive train. It’s Biodegradable and safe on all areas of your bike, including carbon, plastics, anodised metals and rubber. The one-litre bottle has an RRP of $23.95, while the Factory Series options of five litres and 25 litres come in at $49.95 and $199.95 respectively.

Fast Shine silicone polish:
The Fast Shine silicone polish gives your bike that factory look. It’s a mix of a water-resistant, anti-friction cocktail that protects and prevents dirt and grime build-up, leaving a silky smooth shine. A 250ml bottle is priced at $19.95.

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EcoClean waterless wash:
The EcoClean waterless wash by Shred is the perfect solution for giving your bike that once over, without having to use water. The biodegradable formula will leave your pride and joy with that new bike shine while being nice to the environment. Plus, it’s safe to use on all surfaces! One-litre bottles are available for $29.95.

UltraSeal tubeless sealant:
The Shred UltraSeal tubeless sealant is for those motocross and enduro riders who also ride bicycles. It’s specially formulated to seal various sized punctures and keep the air pressure in your tyres, allowing for a hassle-free ride. It comes in three sizes – 250ml ($27.95), one litre ($59.95), and five litres ($199.95).

Shred Bike Care is stocked at over 60 motorcycle and bicycle dealers across the country, while more information can be found at