Products 21 Apr 2021

Tested: 2021 Fly Racing Zone Pro goggle

Putting the latest generation Zone Pro to the test on-track.

Words: Mike Sleeter

As Fly Racing continues to press the moto market with a wide variation of innovative, premium products, the 2021 model Zone Pro is certainly no different and we recently Tested this all-new goggle that was heavily updated for this year.

With top riders wearing the product in 2021 such as Muc-Off Honda’s Justin Brayton, Mitchell Oldenburg and Mitchell Harrison, Fly Racing has ensured that the Zone Pro would be able to perform at the highest of levels.

Fly Racing has had goggles in the past, but not near what the brand is looking to accomplish with this latest Zone Pro goggle. The goggle market is an incredibly competitive space that’s predominantly lead by eyewear-specific companies, so when Fly launched this new goggle, I was extremely excited to get some time in it.

Upon receiving the 2021 Fly Racing Zone Pro goggle, I could immediately tell that the development team has moved in the right direction when it comes to the look and feel of the goggle from years past. There’s now an outrigger frame to help with the overall fit and comfort, plus unlike some other outrigger designs, the frame is relatively compact.

Image: Anthony Sansotta.

That allows the goggle to be used with a wider range of helmets and by youth riders still utilising a 45mm strap like its competitors. The Zone Pro boasts a bunch of clean, simple colorways and graphics that will match perfectly with Fly apparel/helmets and other brands also.

To outline the features of the 2021 Fly Racing Zone Pro goggle range, they have a polycarbonate lens with premium anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings (and a spare), a lightweight, yet durable, polyurethane frame, which has been engineered to increase the field of view and provide massive peripheral vision. Outriggers provide an optimal fit.

You’ll benefit from a quick-change replacement lens system with pre-installed tear-off posts, plus premium molded foam provides superior moisture management and a tight seal. There is a removable nose guard fitted, in addition to there being optional accessories and lens colors available.

In terms of the strap, it’s 45mm as mentioned and adjustable with a double buckle for easy goggle tension adjustment, inclusive of non-slip silicone on the inside of the strap that ensures a secure fit to your helmet. You also receive a microfiber goggle bag in the box.

My first impression when putting this goggle on was that the seal around my face felt really good, the foam is comfortable and allows for a strong seal. As I stated before, the frame is a little smaller than some, so I could see a little bit of it around my eyes, but nothing distracting that causes a loss of vision when on the bike. That was one of the design targets and it’s still a tick from me.

Image: Supplied.

On the topic of goggle foam, it’s a tough balance between being too firm or overly soft for practical purposes. What I found was that after putting in a long moto I had to make sure that I didn’t have the strap too tight, which would force sweat to leak through and drip down. To me, the foam could be denser, possibly allowing for a slower bleed of sweat. Having it that bit looser does improve that aspect, which is something to take note of.

The Fly Racing Zone Pro goggle comes with a mirrored lens, but I do have to say I went to the clear lens pretty quickly. The mirrored lens has a great look and you might think I am crazy saying this, but to me, the quality of the lens helps with processing colors at speed and I preferred the clear option this time around.

I have used much worse lenses, although I have also used better where it helps with a crisp, quality view that is in some ways an improvement over what’s experienced with your actual eyesight. I’d say it’s like viewing a decent TV to a premium one, because both get the job done, but one has just better clarity.

What I will add, however, is that that when taking the lens out to put the clear lens in, Fly has done a great job in making it a secure fitment, but not too secure to the point that you can’t get a lens in the goggle with ease or efficiency. There was no issue whatsoever with that.

There’s no doubt that Fly Racing has stepped up its game with the Zone Pro goggle and it’s one of the better goggles put out by an apparel company. If you are comparing it to the price-point of competitors, it’s right there with the competition – the overall fit and design hit the mark at the cost of $84.95. Check Fly Racing national distributor McLeod Accessories’ brand site at for further details.