Bikes 1 Apr 2021

Detailed: 2021 Stacyc 16eDrive and 12eDrive

New distribution partnership from May announced with Cassons.

Stacyc will officially be made available in Australia from next month under a new distribution partnership with Cassons, including the largely-popular 16eDrive and 12eDrive line of electric balance bikes.

The brand geared directly at the youngest of riders has promised to create and deliver products and experiences that help kids develop sooner and empower them to define their own ride, already established as the market-leader since launching in 2016.

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“We are excited to launch the Stacyc brand into Oz with our new partners at Cassons,” commented Mike Dettmers, director of business development at Stacyc. “The epic collaboration ahead will provide the Australian market full access to the Stacyc product line. We can’t wait to see the stoked faces of parents and their little rippers as they embark together on the ride of their life.”

The Stacyc 12eDrive is perfect for most young riders aged between three to five, featuring a aluminium tig-welded frame, 12-inch composite wheels with pneumatic tyres, a 33cm seat height and it weighs beneath eight kilograms. The Stacyc 16eDrive has 16-inch wheels, a 43cm seat height and weighs nine kilos.

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There are Low (Training), Medium (Standard) and High (Advanced) power modes in each model, offering between 30-60 minutes of running time per charge. The 16eDrive comes stock with a new high-output brushless motor right out of the box. That upgraded motor packs a punch with additional low-end power and torque, allowing for more aggressive riding on more varied terrain.

“Stacyc has a range of electric bikes that allow kids ages three and older to experience the thrill of riding in more places and at their own pace,” said Andrew Hall, head of purchasing, Cassons. “They’re a fantastic steppingstone for kids as they further transition to motorcycles or larger push-bikes in the future. As we have seen in other markets, the Stacyc bikes are going to create such a fun factor – I bet there a lot of people out there thinking, I wish these were available when I was a kid!”

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Cassons is a leading distributor in Australia of motorcycle and bicycle products, with a portfolio including some of the world’s biggest brands and is a perfect fit for Stacyc. Further information on Stacyc can be found at