News 17 Mar 2021

McAdoo penalty hands red plate to Arlington 2 winner Lawrence

Previous 250SX West leader docked by three positions due to incident.

Image: Octopi Media.

A penalty applied to Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Cameron McAdoo post-race has handed the 250SX West red plate to Team Honda HRC-mounted Arlington 2 winner Hunter Lawrence.

Results sheets, which were delayed following the main event, have revealed that McAdoo was docked three positions post-race because of his re-entry when crashing in the whoops.

McAdoo should have been leading by two points in the title-chase after climbing to seventh in the closing laps, however, he lost three points in the process and now instead trails first-time victor Lawrence by one. Monster Energy Star Racing Yamaha’s Justin Cooper is a single point further back in P3.

When informed during tonight’s post-race press conference, Lawrence’s live reaction was in classic Lawrence brother fashion: “What!? Are we on the call or on a personal call… are you f**king with me, or what [laughs]? Thanks, boys, thanks boys, yeah!”

It’s been a remarkable year in 250SX West to date with four different winners in four rounds – Cooper at Orlando 2, McAdoo at Daytona, rookie Seth Hammaker (Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki) at Arlington 1 and Lawrence this evening.