News 10 Feb 2021

Styke and Green to remain with official Yamaha AORC team

ShopYamaha announced as incoming title partner of factory effort.

Image: Foremost Media.

Yamaha off-road mainstays Luke Styke and Josh Green will remain with the brand’s official factory team in the 2021 Australian Off-Road Championship (AORC).

It’s been revealed that longtime title partner Active8 has departed, replaced by ShopYamaha – Yamaha Motor Australia’s online retail business – in the new-look ShopYamaha Off-Road Racing team.

Styke will be targeting a record-breaking fourth-straight E1 championship this season: “2020 was a tough year for a lot of us in many ways, so I’m looking at putting that year behind me and making the most of what lies ahead.

“Each year more young guys come into off-road racing via the E1 class so it getting harder to win each year, but I’m ready to do the work and keep the number one plate on my bike for at least another year. This year we even start the championship off in my local area with rounds one and two in Nowra, so it will be an awesome way to start the championship.”

As for Green, he will continue in E2 after finishing third in class and outright in the shortened 2020 season. This year marks Green’s ninth year working with team manager AJ Roberts as one of the most recognised riders in the sport locally.

“I get excited at this time every year as we are about to start a new season,” commented Green. “It doesn’t feel like I have been doing this for nine years with the team and each year I try and ensure myself, my bike and my fitness are better than ever and my goals each year never change. I want to win!

“With not many events in 2020, I missed racing and can’t wait to get back to the AORC and race with some of the best riders in the world. I love the atmosphere and the competitive nature of a national championship and this year promises to be one of the best championships yet.”

Roberts added: “Both Josh and Luke are seasoned professional racers and will be ready to go when the season rolls around. We have a long-term relationship with both of them, but as a team we continue to push boundaries in our search for success.

“We will soon announce our off-road support programs but I’m happy to say Yamaha Australia have been able to maintain our off-road presence despite some trying times in 2020. We will have a strong Yamaha contingent at the AORC and will be out to win as many championships as possible in 2021.

“Active8 have been a major player in the success of our team over the past nine years and I want to publicly thank them for their years of support, passion and enthusiasm. They have been instrumental in the growth and development of this team and also played a big part in promoting off road racing in Australia.”