Products 17 Dec 2020

Detailed: 2021 Sidi ATOJO SRS boot

Newly-introduced boot developed with world champion feedback.

The new for 2021 Sidi ATOJO SRS boot has been designed and developed specifically to be resistant, comfortable and produced with the highest quality materials.

It contains all the essential features that a motocross boot must have. Furthermore, it weighs significantly less compared to previous models, yet hasn’t compromised performance, comfort or protection. The height of the boot, as well as other details, fully reflect the demands of the professional athletes.

This latest boot from Sidi has been forged based on the needs of champions. It was Sidi riders who contributed to creating and testing this model, including Alessandro Lupino who contributed his significant experience to each particular detail. It’s been perfected by world champions Tony Cairoli and Jorge Prado.

The Sidi Atojo SRS boots are once again revolutionising the world of motocross. The name ATOJO is an acronym that represents three of Sidi’s world-dominating MX riders – A for Alessandro Lupino, TO as in Tony Cairoli and JO in reference to Jorge Prado.

The ATOJO SRS does not replace anything in Sidi’s range, since the Crossfire will continue alongside the ATOJO. Sidi is distributed in Australia by McLeods Accessories, which you can learn more about at