News 17 Jul 2020

Latest Pro Motocross schedule features RedBud double-header

Season 2020 to commence mid-August at Loretta Lynn's Ranch.

Image: Supplied.

A nine-round schedule for the 2020 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship has been announced by MX Sports Pro Racing, set to drop the gates with the inaugural Loretta Lynn’s National on 15 August in Tennessee.

The first half of the series will open with five consecutive rounds. Round two will be Washougal National on 22 August, before heading to the the Ironman National on 29 August.

This season will feature the first-ever Pro Motocross double-header at RedBud, Michigan, which will host rounds four and five beginning with 5 September. The second RedBud round will be held on Tuesday, 8 September.

From there, following a lone weekend off, racing will resume with the Spring Creek National on 19 September, before heading to the WW Ranch National on 26 September. The penultimate round of the championship will take place with the Thunder Valley National on 3 October, the season-ending Fox Raceway National on 10 October will see the pair of champions crowned.

“While we continue to navigate through these challenging and continuously evolving times of the coronavirus pandemic, we are confident that we’ve developed the framework for a high-caliber championship schedule that can be successfully implemented,” said Roy Janson, MX Sports Pro Racing competition director.

“Although we respect the unpredictability of scheduling any live events during these uncertain times and are sensitive to the hardships many people are going through, we remain committed to making our best effort to host the world’s most prestigious motocross championship.

“Thanks to the tireless and cooperative efforts of our event organisers, competitors, sponsors and partners, not to mention the ongoing communication alongside local officials, we have an opportunity to prioritise the health and well-being of everyone. We will conduct these events in a safe environment by implementing several policies, all in an effort to control as many variables as possible.”

All events on the 2020 schedule will adhere to social distancing guidelines and health management protocols. Each round will be conducted in accordance with local and state ordinances, as identified between the event organiser and local officials.

The paddock will be closed to the general public, with access limited to properly credentialed parties only and facemasks required at all times. Hand-washing stations and hand sanitiser stands will be placed throughout the venues and personal hygiene education signage will be prominent.

Select events will feature limited spectator capacity, while others will be conducted exclusively for participants – professional and amateur – with attendance reduced to crew members and family. All events will feature an amateur racing component, both before and after the professional race day. Ticketing and amateur race program information will be available on Monday, 20 July.

“From the moment we faced our first bout of adversity surrounding the coronavirus we have diligently tried to find a way to make the 2020 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship a reality,” said Davey Coombs, president of MX Sports Pro Racing. “Needless to say, it’s been a tumultuous year for everyone and I think we’re on plan ‘W’ by now. But we’re racers at heart and our business is founded on bringing together fellow racers for some of the world’s most competitive and high-profile off-road motorcycle events.

“We know the motocross community is as passionate about this championship as we are, as it’s the lifeblood of the sport, and it’s been our goal to bring everyone, from riders to fans alike, the series they deserve. We’re confident that this schedule will accomplish that and we look forward to providing the joy and sense of normalcy that American motocross can bring during these incredibly uncertain times.”

2020 Pro Motocross Championship calendar (revised):
Rd1 – 15 August – Loretta Lynn’s National
Rd2 – 22 August – Washougal National
Rd3 – 29 August – Ironman National
Rd4 – 5 September – RedBud National 1
Rd5 – 8 September – RedBud National 2
Rd6 – 19 September – Spring Creek National
Rd7 – 26 September – WW Ranch National
Rd8 – 3 October – Thunder Valley National
Rd9 – 10 October – Fox Raceway National