Features 20 Feb 2020

Q&A: Must-watch AORC topics

The storylines to follow as the 2020 season kicks off this weekend.

The 2020 Yamaha Australian Off-Road Championship (AORC) fires into action this weekend at Toowoomba in Queensland, and it’s set to be one of the most exciting seasons yet. In Q&A, we highlight the major storyline to follow.

Image: Supplied.

Q: How’s Daniel Sanders travelling after breaking his wrist?

A: From the contact we’ve had with him recently, he’s travelling really well. He spent a month or so off the bike just after Christmas, but returned to riding with the Husqvarna Enduro Racing Team this month. He’ll be competitive as always come this weekend, no doubt.

Q: Todd Waters is set to make his AORC debut, what can we expect from him?

A: It came as no surprise when reigning MX Nationals MX1 champion Todd Waters will add the entire AORC calendar to his schedule, considering there was speculation about it for months. He’ll be in the E2 category aboard a Husqvarna FE 450, and we’re expecting him to be pretty strong and competitive from the get-go.

Image: Foremost Media.

Q: And there’s another MX Nationals regular making a full-time switch to off-road, isn’t there?

A: Absolutely! Former MX Nationals MXD contender Mason Semmens is making the switch full-time this year, and he’s on the KTM Enduro Racing Team. Semmens will contest the E1 category, strengthening the already highly-talented field. Plus, he’s no stranger to off-road racing, so we anticipate he’ll be challenging for wins in no time.

Q: Josh Green had a pre-season crash, is he ready to go this weekend?

A: We got in contact with the Yamaha Active8 Yamalube Racing rider this week, and he’s declared himself fit for the weekend. The New South Welshman crashed into a tree while training, suffering a concussion and number of other injuries – he wasn’t open to sharing what they were. While admitting he was still sore, he’s managed to ride at least twice prior to the weekend.

Q: Have any riders switched classes for this season?

A: There hasn’t been a great deal of movement – Sanders is still in E3, Daniel Milner (KTM Enduro Racing Team) is still in E2, and Luke Styke (Yamaha Active8 Yamalube Racing) is going to defend his E1 title. It appears Fraser Higlett will transfer to the E3 class in a privateer Husqvarna effort, while Yamaha bLU cRU Off-Road Racing Team’s Michael Driscoll will step up to E1. EJ champion Kyron Bacon (Yamaha) will also move to E1.