Products 12 Dec 2019

Detailed: Maxxis Maxxcross tyre range

A1 Accessory Imports introduces tyre range to the Australian market.

Recently appointed as the Australian distributor of Maxxis off-road tyres, A1 Accessory Imports has introduced the Maxxcross tyre range to the market.

The Maxxcross range, which has been developed with the assistance of Jeremy McGrath, includes the MX-ST, MX-IT, IT Desert, New Enduro and IT options.

Maxxcross MX-ST is an all-new, lightweight, motocross racing specific tyre designed to give you the confidence and performance required at the highest level of racing.

maxxis maxxcross tyres

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Featuring an all-new uniquely spaced tread pattern designed to optimise traction, stability and braking performance. The lightweight, extra-strong carcass construction improves corner predictability, ride comfort, impact absorption and extends the tyre life.

Maxxcross MX-IT is a staple in the Maxxcross lineup. The MX-IT tyre is known to be very long-lasting. The front tyre features a dual compound construction to absorb vibrations and enhance braking traction.

The centre knobs on the rear tyre feature a softer compound which increases straight-line traction, while maintaining stability while leaning. Maxxcross MX-IT can grip any terrain from soft to hard with each rotation.

Desert riding demands a tyre that can stand up to high speeds and high heat. With a design based on the popular Maxxcross IT tread pattern, the Maxxcross Desert IT has a specially engineered compound that increases durability in rocky or desert conditions by reducing chipping and cutting.

maxxis maxxcross tyres

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The Maxxcross New Enduro is the weapon of choice for our endurocross pros. Featuring a tacky compound and a compliant carcass, the New Enduro tyre is designed to grip the gnarly obstacles found on an endurocross track. The New Enduro also excels on technical trail rides, inspiring confidence through predictable traction and unparalleled ride comfort.

The Maxxcross IT offers excellent value for the hard-core motocrosser, cross country enduro racers, or the grizzled weekend warrior rider looking for long-lasting road-legal knobby. The Maxxcross IT’s rubber compound and knobs design enhances handling, stability and grip in the variety of int-hard conditions whilst providing long wear.

Available in a range of sizes to suit both junior and senior dirt bikes, pricing starts from RRP $35.95. For more information, visit