News 29 Nov 2019

Carmichael sees value in S-X Open series for US riders

Greatest of all time encourages American riders to participate.

Image: Foremost Media.

On the eve of the Monster Energy AUS-X Open Melbourne, Ricky Carmichael has encouraged AMA Supercross regulars to participate in off-season events such as the S-X Open International FIM Oceania Supercross Championship, the greatest of all time expressing regret that he didn’t capitalise on such opportunities in the prime of his career.

Carmichael believes there’s great value in racing overseas throughout the off-season in preparation for the upcoming season, especially in the S-X Open series that already boasts strong international competition.

The two-round championship, which features the Australian Supercross Championship, has attracted former premier class champions Jason Anderson and Chad Reed, along with 450SX contenders Joey Savatgy and Justin Brayton.

“I speak from experience – that is one of the mistakes that I made and I wish I could turn back time and do these races,” Carmichael commented. “I don’t think I would’ve lost anything at all – I think it would’ve helped me. There are guys in the States right now that aren’t doing it that I personally think they should do a couple – pick a couple and go to them.

“I mean, they don’t have to come over here and stay for three or four weeks at a time, but I think there’s a lot of value – especially with the amount of heat that is here – there is a lot of great competition and a lot of parity. [There are] a lot of elements that could use to learn about their motorcycle in race situations.

“I know that if I’m Jason Anderson, Joey Savatgy, Chad Reed, Justin Brayton – guys that are going to be racing [together] in a couple of weeks for the Monster Energy Supercross championship, I think there’s something to be learned here for the big picture for them.

“There’s a lot of value, especially in this type of situation in a big stadium like Marvel Stadium – there’s a lot to be learned that can apply to 2020.”

The motocross and supercross legend will star in an exhibition race tomorrow night aboard a Suzuki RM-Z450, which will be auctioned off following the event.