Products 25 Nov 2019

Detailed: 2020 6D ATR-2 LE helmet

Premium dirt bike helmet now available in limited edition option.

Steve Cramer Products, the Australian distributor of 6D, has released the 2020 ATR-2 LE helmet, which is now available across the country.

The ATR-2 with advanced ODS has evolved to provide improved performance in both linear and angular acceleration mitigation and is also easily rebuildable for potentially longer service life. This improves rider safety and saves the consumer money.

The advanced ODS system is freer to manage shearing loads while managing linear compressions with a combination of isolation dampers and variable height EPP damping towers.

Medical research has provided alarming conclusions surrounding the causes, severity, and long-term effects of concussions. Even seemingly minor concussions may have much more serious long-term effects on the brain.

2020 6d atr2 le helmet

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Low-threshold energy transfer is the most critical performance range of helmets and covers all impact velocities below the certification standard’s requirements, for both linear and angular accelerations.

6D’s ODS starts working the instant any force is applied to the shell. It’s suspended inner liner travels and shears under crash impact loading thereby reducing energy transfer to the brain.

Time-To-Peak (TTP) is the measurement of time (in milliseconds) it takes the energy of an impact to reach maximum (peak) G force. Deceleration time is the single most beneficial component of reducing the severity and magnitude of any impact. The more time, the less severe the energy transfer will become.

Angular acceleration (rotational force) is generated from oblique angle impacts to the helmet surface resulting in shearing, stretching, and tearing, of the soft tissues within the brain. The medical community has determined that angular acceleration is the primary cause of concussion, traumatic brain injury and worse.

Laboratory testing at Wayne State University has proven that a helmeted head sustained the same degree of angular acceleration as the un-helmeted head when subjected to identical impacts. This is because the helmet is directly ‘coupled’ to the wearer’s head.

2020 6d atr2 le helmet

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One of the major benefit features of ODS is that it effectively ‘uncouples’ that relationship allowing the shell and outer liner to shear independently to the inner layer and the head-form – thereby scrubbing off a high percentage of the angular acceleration force.

2020 6D ATR-2 LE helmet key features:
– Removable, washable comfort liner features genuine Dri-Lex anti-bacterial fabric.
– Emergency quick-release cheek pads.
– PU-over moulded EPP lined chin bar includes sternum pad.
– Goggle band integrated shell recess at the eyeport area improves goggle fit and seal.
– Shear-away visor screws designed to reduce angular acceleration potential.
– Nose guard provides improved roost protection.
– Titanium D-Rings.
– Light weight with improved centre of gravity.
– Exceeds DOT, ECE, ACU and ASTM standards.
– Patented Omni-Directional Suspension (ODS).
– Replaceable inner EPS liner.
– Multi-impact EPP outer liner incorporates Isolation Damping Towers.
– Rotational Energy Management Disks reduce angular acceleration.
– Air-Gap Ventilation System with 17 transfer ports.
– Optimised compliant light weight Tri-Composite shell provides superior energy absorption.

Priced at RRP $899, the 2020 6D ATR-2 LE helmet is available at participating dealers and online retailers. For more information, visit