Features 12 Nov 2019

Debrief: Luke Clout

CDR Yamaha Monster Energy rider recalls victory at Wollongong's AUS Supercross.

Wollongong’s third round of the 2019 Australian Supercross Championship last weekend saw Luke Clout breakthrough for his maiden SX1 victory, the CDR Yamaha Monster Energy rider now moving within three points of leader Justin Brayton (Penrite Honda Racing).

Image: Foremost Media.

An awesome result and a big win for you, plus it’s a very important one…

Yeah, it was very important. It’s round three now and we have two rounds to go, so it was very important for me to try and capitalise and make some points back – that’s what I did – I got five points back on JB, and I was eight behind [before tonight]. Three points behind and two rounds to go, the gloves are off and it’s championship time. It’s going to be even crazier now with all the Americans coming – they could throw a spanner in the works, but I’m concentrating on me. I beat some of the best guys in the world today, and I don’t see why I can’t do it in the next two rounds.

You were quick all day today, did you just click or what was it that brought out the form?

It’s been like that all year mate, I believe anyway. I just haven’t really had a clear run – tonight I got two hole-shots at the end of the last two and two wins – two starts, two wins – that’s all I needed. Obviously, I need to go home and work on starts, because if I can keep hole-shotting, then I believe I can keep winning. I’m confident with my ability, confident with my team and confident with everything. Bring on the last two rounds.

Image: Foremost Media.

It was pretty dry in practice and qualifying, and made for a pretty technical track in the end. What did you think of it with the triple-header format as well?

Oh mate, for some of the stuff that happened, the track builders did an amazing job. For us to be racing tonight was because of an amazing job by those guys – hats off to the track crew, they did an awesome job and were building flat-out. I really enjoyed the track – it was technical, it was rough, and it broke down. The start was very critical tonight – I did that and probably executed the best out of everyone. That’s how you win races and championships, so I’ll move onto the next one, just keep riding, doing what I’m doing, and carry the confidence.

Brayton seemed a bit frustrated with the way the whoops ended up in the end, what were your thoughts on that and the line that was there?

I’m not going to comment on JB’s thoughts, that’s up to him. The first two races I was going down the middle of the whoops as well – I was going down the middle and everyone was going down right as well. They weren’t penalising anyone and apparently it was on the track. I did nothing different to anyone else and I only started doing that because 99 percent of people were doing it. I was happier to go down the middle of the whoops, but if everyone else is doing it and it’s in the track limits, then there’s no cutting of the track. It is what it is

We know how critical momentum is, and next weekend we’re straight into Auckland and the S-X Open series starts. That should be unreal for you, and like you said, the championship is coming down to the wire…

Yeah mate, I’m just happy doing what I’m doing. I’m working my arse off in the gym, riding, and putting in a lot of laps. I’m going to continue doing what I’m doing. The way I’m riding, I believe I can take it to the Americans – I’m there to get my name out, because I believe I can go to the US and do good things. Obviously, I need to prove that. Getting some wins, doing qualifying and doing what I am doing, I think I am proving it. I’m back on form – it’s taken me a few years and there’s been a lot behind the scenes that not many people have seen. The sport has been very tough for in the last couple of years – injuries and a lot of stuff, but I’m back to where I believe I should be. Let’s keep it going.