Products 25 Oct 2019

Detailed: 2020 Seven MX 20.1 Zero gear set

Premium gear set released in fresh designs and colourways for 2020.

Steve Cramer Products, the Australian distributor of Seven MX, has released its 20.1 collection of riding apparel, which includes the premium Zero gear set.

The lightweight mesh sleeveless over jersey is meant to be worn over the Zero compression jersey. It’s part of a two-piece jersey unit to give you unmatched performance while racing the best in the world.

Designed to give athletes unmatched energy saving support with cooler body temperatures, the Zero compression jersey is part of a two-piece system meant to be worn under the Zero over jersey that will provide you unmatched performance while racing the best in the world.

2020 seven mx zero

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2020 Seven MX 20.1 Zero over jersey key features:
– Tailored athletic fit to reduce bunching and excess bulk.
– Ultra lightweight poly stretch mesh material construction used for resistance free mobility and comfort.
– The breathable mesh fabric allows for maximum airflow to regulate body temperature.
– Non-fade sublimated graphics.

2020 Seven MX 20.1 Zero compression jersey key features:
– Athletic compression fit holds muscles tight to reduce unnecessary muscle movement or shaking that results in loss of energy.
– Muscle compression also promotes blood and oxygen flow which aids in quicker muscle recovery allowing for muscles to work at a higher rate for longer periods of time.
– Ultra lightweight moisture wicking performance material construction pulls moisture away from the body to keep you cool and dry.
– Garment cut for resistance free mobility.

2020 seven mx zero

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The new Zero pant has been totally re-imagined. No longer is it a hybrid four-way stretch pant, but now a complete four-way stretch unit in its entirety. This makes the all-new Zero pant work in unison with the human anatomy, allowing for unmatched mobility.

2020 Seven MX 20.1 Zero pant key features:
– A new much more durable four-way stretch nylon material thru out the entire pant. This new material is also extremely lightweight making it feel as though you’re not wearing anything.
– A slimmer overall chassis cut keeps excess bulk and material drag to a minimum. This pant should not move on you unless your body moves.
– Our experimentation with shoe technology has finally made its way to production. On this new Zero pant Seven MX has a durable shoe-tech screen material panel with a thin TPU overlay for guided air flow.

The over jersey is priced from RRP $57.95 along with the compression under jersey from RRP $69.95, while the pant is available from RRP $279.95. For more information, visit