News 11 Oct 2019

Just1 for JATZ! Rockstar Arrival for AUS Supercross!

Ficeda Accessories press release:

The highly anticipated world-wide release of Italian company Just1’s first drop of MX gear is here! After years of testing and refining the range with U.S rider Joey Savatgy and MXGP star Kevin Strijbos leading the development we’re excited to announce the first Australian rider to the Just1 family!

Our special guest has arrived just in time for the 2019 Australian Supercross Championship! He’s all geared up and ready for action wearing none other than the all-new 2020 J1 MX Gear. Some say he has a tattoo of his abs, on his abs; and that his veins flow with pure Rockstar energy juice. All we know is that he is called the JATZ!

“I’m really excited for the Australian Supercross Championship, I genuinely think this is the biggest championship we have in almost a decade with competitors travelling from all over the world. This year I’ve been very fortunate to work with some of my closest friends and family, I am grateful for all my sponsors, team and supporters that have come on board, it has been a huge effort and is very much appreciated! We’ll see you all this weekend, time to rip the lid off it.”

Taking a break from the MX Nationals this season has left MX legend Jackson Richardson with an almighty itch for ripping up dirt and spraying the competition with back-lash as he pings round the track. Just1 Racing are here to support his determination every step of the way. Even providing him with AUS Supercross SPECIAL EDITION gear for such an occasion. We’re expecting big things from the championship this year, competitors traveling from around the world specifically for this event. It’s going to be big!

“It’s a great opportunity and a privilege to have Jatz on board with the new Just1 gear. From the get-go he seems to love all aspects of the gear and is excited to have the tools he needs to perform well on the track. Just1 gear will be available this month from your local supplier. I highly encourage all to check it out!”