Features 24 Sep 2019

Conversation: Dean Ferris

KTM pilot on his Motocross Masterclass, presented by Maxima Racing Oils.

Set to represent Team Australia at the Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations (MXoN) this weekend, Dean Ferris has just launched his very own Motocross Masterclass, designed to help the upcoming generation of youthful talents make it as professional riders. In this Conversation interview, the triple Australian championship discusses what it’s all about.

Image: Foremost Media.

You just launched the Dean Ferris Motocross Masterclass, how did it come about to start such a program?

I’ve had the idea for over a year now – it was probably when I won my third championship, I was reflecting on the year that it was straight after Coolum. I remember thinking ‘what if young Dean knew what he knows now?’ And in that moment, I knew I needed to find a way to share the information I have. As time rolled by, we came up with an idea where I could share my knowledge. I was obviously pretty busy with the America thing, and when that got cut short, it was my goal to build this and help get it out there for the future generation and to teach them what I know, so they’re not 29 and trying to get to America and make it. I can give them the tools upfront. I believe everyone at my level has made it through trial, error and persistence. There’s no information out there on how to do it – of course, there are coaches – really good coaches that teach you how to go fast – but there’s so much more to winning and getting to the top level than just being fast. I’ve done a helluva lot of learning over the years, and I thought it would be a shame not to share it. That’s where the inspiration came from – wishing that young me had that information.

There’s more to it than just riding tips, isn’t there?

Definitely. It covers all aspects of racing, not just how to go fast. Of course, there’s a lot of riding and technique classes in there – which will be a massive part of the program – but it’s also a lot about your body, a lot about your mindset, and a lot about structuring your program. Giving riders tools, points to work on, and giving them direction with motocross is all part of it.

The classes are run via video, how does that process work for someone jumping onboard?

It’s quite an easy platform to follow, and the whole thing is a video series. I physically demonstrate what I do through video – whether that be talking or demonstrating on the bike. There’s also quite a lot of theory in there on mindset and what it takes to be a top level athlete, but it’s mostly a video series that’s quite easy to follow. You click on the video and you watch it, and then there are templates to print out to help students stay on-track.

Image: Foremost Media.

The classes that are available, do they continually update?

Yeah, every month, there’s a new subject. It doesn’t stay available for too long after the month, because we want to keep it fair to the guys who sign up early and keep the price-point low.

I did notice the price of the masterclass is pretty low – riders pay per month, is that correct?

It’s $80 per month, or you can sign up for the whole year for $800. Raceline and Recover8 have thrown in a bonus package for yearly subscribers – you get a free bottle of Recover8 and some Raceline products – valued at $150 – plus 10 percent off all Raceline services. It’s a really good deal.

You must be pretty proud to have put all of this together, hey?

It feels awesome! I’ve always wanted to give back to the sport, and I’ve obviously been crazy busy doing what I’ve been doing in the past few years. This way, I’ve found a way where I have time as well to help the sport and help the up and comers. It’s been really inspirational spending a fair bit of time on and off in the year doing one-on-one coaching, so it’s really cool that I can give back to the sport and the future generation of racers.