News 5 Sep 2019

Newly-crowned champion Waters injured in lead up to supercross

DPH Motorsport Husqvarna rider sustains hand injuries at Queensland event.

Image: Supplied.

Newly-crowned Pirelli MX Nationals MX1 champion Todd Waters is recovering from multiple hand injuries sustained at last weekend’s Day in the Dirt event, which will sideline him for at least the next three weeks in the lead up to the Australian Supercross Championship opener.

Waters sustained a fracture to the fifth metacarpal in his left hand, while also fracturing the end of his right thumb in a crash at the Queensland-based event.

“I had a crash at Day in the Dirt – I just came up over a jump and my back end slid out on the up-ramp and I landed sideways,” Waters explained to “Instead of high-siding, it pounded me into the ground – it capitulated me straight down.

“I put my arm out to roll, and it broke my left M5 which is the metacarpal bone in your hand that runs up to your little finger, and I broke the end of my right thumb off. They’re not big injuries and it’s pretty straightforward – they’re fractured obviously, but hopefully in three weeks the bones are mended and I can get back to riding heading into supercross.”

The DPH Motorsport Husqvarna rider managed to lodge a number of outings on a supercross track prior to the weekend, however he was due to visit Melbourne to commence pre-season testing this week. While acknowledging his preparation for the supercross series, which kicks off on 12 October, has been hindered, Waters is still confident of making the most the time he has available.

“I had a couple of rides on the supercross track, just feeling out the suspension,” he added. “I was planned to race Day in the Dirt and then head down to Melbourne to get testing, but that’s how it goes. Overall, I’m pretty confident in Kroozetune – I think we’re on target with our bikes, so heading into supercross I’m confident with the bike.

“Obviously it’s not the pre-season I would’ve liked – I believe in hard work and that’s what I strive for, so missing out on that is devastating, but in saying that, I’m sitting on the cycle bike right now putting in the work. I won’t be able to get on the track anytime soon, but I should be able to get a couple of weeks in before round one in Brisbane.”

Brisbane Entertainment Centre will host the season-opener this October, where a unique double-header format will be introduced.