Features 13 Aug 2019

The Point: Team Australia MXoN predictions

MX Nationals regulars share their ideal Team Australia MXoN squad for 2019.

As an array of countries confirm their teams for the 2019 Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations (MXoN), Team Australia is still yet to announce who it will field at Assen on 28-29 September. In this edition of The Point, a selection of MX Nationals regulars share their opinions on who should don the green and gold at this year’s event in The Netherlands!

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Todd Waters (DPH Motorsport Husqvarna):
Pretty much, I think Hunter Lawrence is a pretty established international rider, and I think between Mitch Evans and Jed Beaton, they would be good for the 450 ride – those two are already over there, they’re established, they’re racing the world championship, and MXoN is the same format. Young Wilson Todd, who is my teammate this year, I’d love to see him have a crack because he’s never raced Des Nations before. It’s a great opportunity for young riders to get there name out there, and it’s what leads to getting a ride overseas. That was my breakthrough in my world championship campaign, and same with Dean Ferris – once we got a ride in Des Nations, that put out name out there and we went overseas that next year. The MXoN is a race with big opportunity, it would be good to give it to a young kid like Wilson who’s just come off a championship.

Brett Metcalfe (Penrite Honda Racing):
It’s pretty early to tell, but obviously Hunter Lawrence is in form and Mitch Evans has been riding good. I think Wilson Todd is going to be an international rider, so he’s in the calibre bracket as those two – you’ve also got guys like like Kyle Webster who ride well in the sand. I’m not sure if Dean’s interested, and Todd Waters would probably love the opportunity to go. It’s too difficult [laughs] – there are a few guys.

Luke Clout (CDR Yamaha Monster Energy):
This year’s a tough one because it’s in Assen and it’s obviously really, really sandy. The Euro-based guys – Jed Beaton and Mitch Evans – they’ve probably got a better advantage that us, and they’ve been over there for a while now. I think Hunter Lawrence should probably be there as well – it’s a tough go, because they’re all 250 riders, but we’ve obviously seen what Mitch can do on a 450. It’s tough for us – I’d like to go, but I don’t think I could do the job, especially when it comes to the sand – I’m a good sand rider, but I’m not as good as those guys in Europe. I think Gibbsy and Waters could give it a good go also. I think Lawrence, Beaton and Evans should do the country proud.

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Wilson Todd (DPH Motorsport Husqvarna):
I’m not on the picking committee, and it depends which way they want to go – if they want to send some young kids out there to show themselves to the world, or send the veterans who aren’t looking for a ride overseas. I know Todd Waters would like one of us young guys to have a chance of doing it. The 450 spots could go to anyone – the guys in Europe could step up to MX1, those being Beaton, Evans and also Lawrence, but then you have guys here like Clouty, Metcalfe – all those guys who are good enough for the spot.

Dylan Wills (Davey Motorsport KTM):
Ideally, Todd Waters has proven he’s a really strong sand rider, and I know it’s a different type of sand, but I think you would send Todd purely because of the way he dominated at Coolum. It would be hard to go by Mitch Evans in MX2 because of his European experience and they way he’s been riding this year, plus he has his own bike and team there ready to go. The hard one would be the Open class – I’d like to see someone like Dean Ferris go, but I’m not sure what his plans are. I think Waters, Evans and Ferris would be good. It’s hard, because in MX2, you’d want to take Hunter Lawrence as well.

Kirk Gibbs (CDR Yamaha Monster Energy):
Originally I would’ve picked Lawrence, Beaton and Evans – I think with Jed and Mitch being over there, it’s convenient for the teams and they’ve got good bikes, they can ride sand and will be racing all the way up to it. Hunter is probably our best 250 guy, you can’t stray from him, and he always ups the ante for MXoN. In saying that, another 450 guy – I think Jed is going to opt not to do it – I think the 450 is up in the air a bit – Dean Ferris is coming off injury, but he’s a really good sand rider. I put my application in, but do I really want to go? I will if I get selected, but it was more if that we got stuck, I would go. It’s going to be a gnarly, gnarly weekend – it would be good if you could live in the sand for a year before you go there, not eight weeks [laughs]. I think you’ve gotta be very prepared for it, so my selection would be Lawrence, Evans and probably Dean.